Boston Police Investigate Explosion at JFK Library

Police Commissioner Ed Davis says it's not clear if third explosion is related to marathon explosions.
4:01 | 04/15/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Boston Police Investigate Explosion at JFK Library
Good afternoon everybody. Will we've had a horrific. Attack here in in Boston this afternoon. Commissioner Davis is going to give. Some details about what we know so far. Mindful that we don't have the whole picture yet. But we have gotten in good deal of information commissioner -- we'll take all of us through information that we have and I'll come back we'll talk about. Some of the things in ways in which we ask people to help us help you this afternoon so let me turn it over now to Ed Davis commissioner. -- -- -- Thank you go -- The 2:50 PM. Today. That world simultaneous explosions that occurred along the route to Boston Marathon near the finish line. These explosions occurred 5100 yards apart. And each scene. Resulted in multiple. Casualties. At this point in time all of the victims have been. Removed from the scene. We have. Sent officers to hospitals to be in touch with the family members and -- possible witnesses. We immediately activated the system of slow response. You -- called -- the Massachusetts of the federal government has in place for these type of excellence. -- first two calls were to. Special agent charged the FBI and to the -- with the state police. Both authority and -- -- moments immediately -- resources. -- -- Have at this point in time. Determined that there has been a third incident that has occurred. There was an explosion occurred at the -- JFK library. So this is very much an ongoing event at this point in time. We are not certain that these incidents are related but we're treating them as if they are we're recommending to people that they stay home. That if -- -- hotels in the area that they return to their homes and that they don't go any place in congregate in large crowds. We want to make -- -- completely stabilize -- situation. We are setting up -- two telephone numbers that are very important. The first one is for families of victims people who drinkable -- people. That number -- 61 -- 6354500. -- -- -- spotlight. The second number if anyone sorry thing. At this incident if anybody knows of any information that could lead to the arrest -- prosecution of individuals responsible for this. They should call us at 1800. 494. Tips that's 1800. 494 tips that line and stuffed up tonight along with -- with the FBI and state police we are working with the alcohol tobacco and firearms. We have general here from the -- Massachusetts National Guard who was assistant and a securing permanent. And we have additional assets from other agencies or -- volunteering. To assist us. After this incident occurred there -- that was certainly a lot of people who were running from the scene some of them deposited bags and parcels they were carrying. Each one of those bags and parcels being is being treated us was suspicious device at this point in time. We have multiple EOD teams but the checking each one of these -- but at this point we have not found and over the -- The three incidents have occurred. Two of them occurred simultaneously on Boylston street and the third one occurred at JFK. -- -- Oracle. People should become. But they should understand that this is an ongoing event and they should understand that we need all the information that we can get. Available to us.

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{"id":18962163,"title":"Boston Police Investigate Explosion at JFK Library ","duration":"4:01","description":"Police Commissioner Ed Davis says it's not clear if third explosion is related to marathon explosions.","url":"/US/video/boston-police-investigate-explosion-jfk-library-18962163","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}