See Bowe Bergdahl's Ballet Performance

Teacher, friend and roommate of the recently released POW says he loved performing.
1:05 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for See Bowe Bergdahl's Ballet Performance
-- -- it is very into the martial arts had given him the flexibility. And there's not a lot of difference between sword fighting martial arts and ballet you know your weight is pretty much balance the same way and on the so all the skills he brought -- actually really showed up well in the ballot. And it was wonderful partner all the girls enjoyed you know dancing with because he was so strong and he loved it and you know he also made the comments -- to which it started when he was younger. And you know -- so. Yet but it was something that really made and he -- performing. Which is really funny -- he was so shy but he loved being on stage it -- you know that's a different experience and not everyone gets to do it you wanna see him -- -- -- -- What would you -- -- you know I don't know. I don't even like I have worked. -- -- -- -- -- -- Thank you thank you.

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{"id":23982973,"title":"See Bowe Bergdahl's Ballet Performance","duration":"1:05","description":"Teacher, friend and roommate of the recently released POW says he loved performing.","url":"/US/video/bowe-bergdahl-ballet-performance-video-pows-dance-performance-23982973","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}