The Brand New Boy George

80s icon grows up, but still goes clubbing.
3:00 | 05/05/14

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Transcript for The Brand New Boy George
Glam rock has been around for years. -- -- Hop kids were doing it even Liberace if you really want to go back that far but one singer has redefined the genre. In the early eighties to cross dressing chameleon who broke down boundaries. Boy George. -- was a time when a new romantic movement was taking over the club scene in the early eighties and the perfect time. For the new glamorous poster boy of new -- to make his move. He was culture club's colorful front man. It was hard to label the androgynous singer Boy George and he liked it that way is he almost seemed to be mocking the world. Listen to the singer from the 1984 Grammy. You've got you've got to stop I need a good track for. Even those who couldn't make out what he was doing could not resist the blue eyed -- Of Georgia's -- and culture -- turned out. -- catchy hit after another. Seven British. And non American top ten hits. But as the colorful eighty stated personal problems caused culture club to implode but George and went on. Drug addiction. Then legal issues led to the struggling star in jail in 2009. But he emerged from fifteen months in prison sober and determined to not be tragic and to be present and enjoy the moment. At the age of 52 his first original studio album in eighteen years and while that voice is noticeably -- year. Those literally trademarks of Boy George. Are still there. And we -- very -- -- George is joining us today thanks for stopping by. So many questions to get to is that it's gonna -- right up I want a sort of an album titled this is what I do. It's been described as having a lot of reggae influences but positive departure that from -- other album. Well I think it is -- because I think we've been coaching club was very eclectic you know -- -- Around in the eighties but you'd never define us as a kind of AT sounding bands that we always who were verging on -- -- well musically what we did site. To me and Heath it's what I've always done that as far as -- a subject -- a system called hope -- -- Defining what it is I wanna say. I would say that the songs on this record. That it -- more joyful. Somebody -- say everything I missed the -- -- coach Bob I think he did you should listen. And I think a lot of duties but we're happy now but maybe but maybe that could be some it was not necessarily. Living through the eighties and into the period of that time and look at it now with that -- of sort of to -- modest object to a monetary and we'll talk about -- recoverability does that mean. It really was based on outsiders with it now I mean it was about going against the grain against the against the public accepted standard well. -- -- -- in the seventies united. I started to go to guy clumps and in the seventies gay people -- look like the Village People I was wearing church it's me that's the argument that the -- -- -- construction market easily identifiable right here we are with our eyes spiky haren now. Pong players and we didn't fit in. So -- -- an interesting position you know it was like we were outside of the outs on it. You know we didn't really interest -- coach we didn't do anything to get a coach -- there are a lot of icons that came out of that period -- in the -- prints and it was that time when art and fashion all fused together by music. When you think about that hot -- it. Then compared -- the music industry now we live in a culture now where there's so much musical and everything and you know every kind of program that's music. There's just too many people making music series it's hard in the -- -- You know enough people to -- me -- you don't know I have an album might really I don't everything and we want us to -- bleed India dual. But I do you think that -- -- -- from by vampires but. There assessment anything new young united right right has let you know if it's news it -- it was -- they need that blobs united. I want to ask you about some thing that has always captured so much American pop culture and that is your relationship with some other celebrities. Have you patched up the feud with Madonna -- police at this point some of things I've said about her were from Reno very nice and not very -- -- That's all we want a repeat them but -- I don't know what you think too much time as passenger many words have been said not directly I think there. She's probably she did say is there was this great union where she said. Which hoosiers it was -- me in the -- and he's still mean. But I try reading and now I was once saying nice things about would you would you want to make the effort to to reach out to meet her I'd love to -- Obama to on the what with what about George Michael. George Michael and I all what we were neighbors and -- -- house last year as a beautiful house amazing house -- and -- I love the character George -- envoy George immediate you guys run back and forth like borrow a cup team no doubt about it sort of show on C housing gates needs. For -- -- -- today he's been pretty public. About your struggle with addiction. What's been the biggest inspiration and continuing to -- -- Well -- the kind of good things it is going to my life you know I mean you know -- live in the loss I've been -- -- Just -- -- she is now. And my life this is changed its -- your massively -- -- -- palpable. I -- -- -- Gado drive kind of learned to be a little bit more grateful you know -- -- scratchy -- below -- -- you know and that is the big -- recovery unit because you. He learned to kind of take responsibility for the things you've done -- community's culture club reunion. We will start recording. Some new music in. Like three weeks -- -- -- very busy. -- for me. -- you know my America down and then incident telling them that you know it's it's it's exciting artists don't like to hear this word. Come back is a full circle it is it comeback of sorts you know because I've kind of comeback possible -- -- -- decline of renewed passion for what I do and it's very exciting time in the Miami you know I think it's. To me it is a -- -- on time to be creative and yeah and I mean item on the -- comebacks -- you know better than -- of about. From disaster. Options says this is what I do you Boy George I can't thank you -- -- kids think it.

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{"id":23591910,"title":"The Brand New Boy George","duration":"3:00","description":"80s icon grows up, but still goes clubbing.","url":"/US/video/brand-boy-george-23591910","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}