Chicago Shooting Leaves 13 People Wounded

Police issue details about the city's latest case of gun violence.
19:53 | 09/20/13

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Transcript for Chicago Shooting Leaves 13 People Wounded
This is a special report from ABC news. Look what I'm Dan -- -- your witness ABC news digital special report who are taking out of Chicago where the police department there. -- hall news conference on that shooting last night for thirteen people were injured including the three year old boy let's listen -- Thirteen people including a three year old were injured. In a shooting at Cornell square park. In the back of the yards neighborhood. At this time all the victims have received medical attention. At area hospitals. And all the injuries are non life threatening. This is obviously an ongoing investigation. So there -- details were working on two confirmed and information that can't be released. Because it's part of the investigation. That said based on ballistics evidence at the scene. And information and intelligence from the -- We believe the weapon used in this incident was an assault style rifle with a high capacity magazine. And based on evidence and our initial interviews with witnesses. This appears to be the gang related -- However that by no means justifies -- lessens. The seriousness. -- the nature of this particular event. At this time we -- speaking with several people. As is common during an investigation. Our investigation is continuing and we anticipate taking a number of individual talking to a number of individuals. As we move forward with this case. Just like the residents of communities we serve no one in this department. Accepts an incident like this and none of us will rest until everyone in this city and choice of same sense of safety and security. Yet what is needed in Chicago. And in cities across this country. Is real action on reasonable gun laws on the state and federal level. We need to keep illegal guns and military type weapons. At about communities. Illegal guns. Illegal guns. -- legal guns. Drugs violence. And military type weapons. Like when we believed to have been used in this shooting. Belong on a battlefield. Not on -- street or in a corner or in the park. In the back the arts. This country should have a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Like the ones used in this event. It's common sense. And it's miracle in this instance. That there have been no fatalities. Based upon legality. Of the weaponry used Ecstasy. We should require background checks for all gun sales. At the state level we need a law that requires the reporting. Of the transfer of a weapon. Because that's -- straw purchases a car and those illegal weapons. And up on the streets of our communities. We should not accept assault weapons -- -- communities. And we cannot accept. With these. The ease with which -- -- purchases. And with that I'll take your questions today. -- every time somebody shut this city it's -- setback. But this is not a problem that's particular to the city of Chicago. -- -- -- that we're making -- -- making progress from a fight. With violent crime in the city you know. Every time mr. shooting in our community. It's a setback course. And I want to be clear even if it's gang related. Even if we have the most hardened criminal. Who becomes a victim of gun violence. That individual. Is -- father brother sister. Sometimes parents. Of somebody else. So you know murder is not. One victim crime there were many victims. And every time something happens. We suffer -- setback. The fact is we're doing better the fact is we have a long way to go and that's why we talk about progress we're making when marketed to -- successful long time. Slow slow -- -- all of -- to a slowdown. All of that is under investigation at this point. We have an indication that there -- a number of offenders on the scene. How many fired at this point is being investigated. -- maybe as many as story it might just be one. As far as the -- is concerned at this point we're reviewing video. To see if we kept having -- I'm not sure the proximity to the actual impact zone which I believe is what you're referring to -- The this was called -- -- high. Gang conflicts. So it's an area that we were aware of commander Gorman. Has resource is deployed -- neighborhood but it's not an operation impact zone which I believe -- what you -- No this is this is an area that's subject to our normal identification of likely locations of violence this was not one of those top twenties. -- Reflective of -- reflect felt. You know it's it's very frustrating. Because you guys -- -- me say the same things over and over and over again. And until we get those things done. You know the United States and it had an opportunity this year to pass universal background checks. Which are designed. To prevent criminals terrorists and mentally ill person from obtaining firearms. And yet just this week. In Washington be safe we had a mentally ill criminal commit a terrorist act with a weapon that was recently purchased legally. We've got to do something about this and we could do a lot of really good police. We can work with our communities are reducing violence we could do community police who -- what do all of those things but until such time. That the rest of the components of of government whether it's federal state or local government. Work together. When I -- have to success that we want we can reduce crime. Like we're doing but we're not gonna have success -- incidents or go to a car as long as he's going to keep flowing in twelve communities you know. That we take more guns off the street than any city in this country every single year. And that's not a success that's a failure. On a different level of the system. I've been in Constant Contact with the mayor since this event occurred. He flew back from Washington DC early this morning. But I've been a Constant Contact throughout this the program. -- matters obviously concerned. That's why he dropped what it was doing in Washington DC. He came back to the city of Chicago he wants information. He wants answers as she always does that he -- and -- rightfully should expect. I have an obligation keeping posts about what's going on he wants an arrest and just like in the other high profile cases that -- -- -- here. Whether it's idea Pendleton a two -- like -- I will keep the -- posted by the incredibly confident. And our investigators make sure that this happens. I don't think -- -- I think maybe somebody else did. The FBI posted 2012 statistics that I think we -- know. Back in January so to the point could comment program. We keep knocking down a murder rate -- -- doing now. And this is not a time to talk about statistics so many from going -- do that but you know what the numbers so. So we keep doing that will be successful. Let me go to -- -- we'll come back from. Mistake if you guys know that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Is this unusual it's absolutely unusual its unusual in -- civilized society. That something like this could happen. And it's unusual if somebody would defend the right perhaps of the gang bangers to obtain these firearms that's unusual. And it's -- usual that we can identify with the issues are and yet we still can't seem to get something done about it. -- -- When it we're not clear and intended target at this point. But there were -- number of gang members on the scene and number of the victims are gang members and you know I don't want that to seem in any way shape or form. That would disparaging -- saying it makes it okay. You know quite obviously it's real world is not a -- And fortunately -- three roses is expected to survive at this point. Craig. We're we're getting a ton of cooperation people rightfully outraged. You know something like this and I'm I'm gonna I'm gonna say it yet again. The military grade weapons on the streets of Chicago is simply unacceptable. And this kind of -- -- consciousness just like the other high profile incidents that -- across this country. So I mean we know what we're dealing with we know what the solutions the question is are we gonna do because at the end of the -- we expect we accept our responsibility. And a lead role in reducing crime and violence in this city but we just can't do it along -- -- support from other places. A come back -- you -- I have information that -- It's not confront. That there was a relative who's allegedly -- for Labor Day weekend I don't know. Relationship to the two year old I don't know in the background -- between. Can't can't say at this point. Well you. Mark every time. We have that press conference on Monday and I talk about firearms. I talk about the likelihood of retaliation. When. Somebody gets and I happen to be in the gang and in this case like -- said -- number of the victims who actually gang members. So Linda Gorman. Has has worked his deployments and and I want to be clear that would bring not only to full force of this department. And all our races what resources whether it's just from patrol detectives gangs narcotics you name -- And -- law enforcement partners like the FBI in this and Drug Enforcement Administration. ATF -- working with all of these individuals right now. And I'm confident that we're gonna we're gonna come to a quick conclusion on this as we have on the other high profile cases which is one of the methods by which we prevent. The next shooting from happening it's by making quick progress so it's critical that we do. Well I mean. Book. My heart goes out to anybody in this community. Who's a victim of gun violence and somebody who -- -- -- -- may in fact be a victim of gun violence just because of the stress and -- -- -- questions and that individual. This is something that we can't accept as okay in a civilized society. And the fact is we have proactive. Policing strategies that have described in detail and again I could not gonna talk statistics. -- to talk about a successes because of it in a time like that's. It's no time to do it. We realize that we have a long way to go to community realizes that there's a long way to go but the fact is we need help make that happen. So we we -- on the scene because look we -- more guns than any police department in the country every year since I don't even away. These are some great police officers that we have. -- the fact days. There's too many guns and our community -- past 5000 guns already this year. When I -- say that again 5000 guns. It's not just a police problem is a structural problem without laws that facilitates the flow of illegal drugs court streak. There's an issue with parenting is an issue with prevention is an issue with programs to get kids off the street. It's an issue with education is an issue with poverty. Very complex issue. We're doing what we can in -- and the mayor is committed to more holistic approach to crime reduction bringing those resources to -- -- That's our plan. Absolutely -- I'm not sure -- the question mr. So I have a lot more confidence from the community and that what you're suggest. The community has been here for very long time and -- been historical problem with gun violence in the city. We know that if we go back to the ninety's the good old days that was a lot worse the community knows that rules them. The first thing that I heard from the community when I got here is that this is not just a police problem. People talk about where -- -- education where the minister's right what are we doing about poverty. What -- the parents. So I have a lot more confidence in the community that -- At the end of the day I accept my accountability just like everybody else hated us because we've got a lead role in turning this around. But making the progress it's not always going to be a -- -- To see you putting me in the position where you gonna make -- talk about statistics which is not the point of being. And I don't wanna do it so if if we want to talk about progress you know for me to stand here right now and tell you that we've got more than 500. Let's gunshot victims in this city right now than we had last year. For me to stand him and tell you that we get 200 in about thirty less shootings that we had in 2011. Is absolutely relevant to ansari. If you're making me do it but the fact is that's what's happening. Where where -- You know I'm not -- -- to -- What I am going to tell -- that we're talking to a number of people right now obviously. -- -- of investigators working. Interviewing everybody who's at the scene interviewing the victims interviewing witnesses pulling video from places where we could find it. We're gonna continue to do -- until we make that progress. We don't have anybody that I would call in custody at this point we are interviewing a number of people. This point we have at least sixteen. Rounds from a seven point 65. -- witches and assault style rifle so obviously. Sixteen bullets means -- high capacity magazine. So that's where we're getting that information. It was so principle -- not it was pretty warm which meant to feel more people on the street. There was a basketball game going on there -- people hanging out in the port. The park is open until 11 o'clock and you know quite frankly the residents of the city should enjoy a safe environment in a park until 11 o'clock. We have a policy that we close the parks now. We've pushed it down to the beat officers -- they going to parks and close to my closing time this event occurred about 45 minutes before that. So -- was normal -- activity people hanging out. Kids hanging out. At a basketball game going on so I mean you know this is well within. I would consider the rights of American citizens. So thank you everybody. And I was the chief of Chicago's police updating the latest on that overnight shooting where thirty people were injured including as we heard there from -- three year old boy. All expected to survive all non life threatening injuries but as you heard a very public plea. Two. -- military assault style weapons. The chief of police saying there that they believe that that is the type of weapon that was used during last night's. Shooting spree where it at this point they've recovered sixteen rounds. That they believe had occurred last night. Updating the latest on the investigation is that there is no -- in custody but in fact they are interviewing. A number of people as those thirteen victims are making their recoveries. We have a complete report on For now I'm -- cuts -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special report from me.

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{"id":20320019,"title":"Chicago Shooting Leaves 13 People Wounded","duration":"19:53","description":"Police issue details about the city's latest case of gun violence.","url":"/US/video/chicago-shooting-leaves-13-people-wounded-20320019","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}