Child in Stroller Fatally Shot in New York City

One-year-old boy and his parents were crossing a street in Brooklyn when shots were fired.
1:51 | 09/02/13

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Transcript for Child in Stroller Fatally Shot in New York City
-- manhunt this morning for the gunman. Who opened fire on a young family killing their baby who was just in -- stroller one year old -- -- was killed in Brooklyn last night eyewitnesses. Eyewitness News reporter -- and Anthony Johnson Jim Brown over the story. Good morning to you -- good morning everybody that appears that this shooting was all the result of an earlier. Dispute of course the little baby was not the target instead it appears his father was the target police -- still out here on the scene this morning. We've got the block closed off as they continue. Their -- for -- -- killer this all happened. Overnight last night here in Brownsville Brooklyn the -- -- Had just started learning to walk the child was in a stroller though after a gunman shot the toddler once and -- the boy's father. Was the apparent target tragically the one year old was the only the victim in this shooting his mother and father were walking across the street pushing the stroller. When the heartless gunmen ran up and fired at least four shots that according to witnesses. The father was heard screaming my baby is shot. Out here on the street and this morning family members' cars done. -- and -- are you going. It's called a new recipe and we. Just tragedy happened to us as citizens side. Now the family is -- at their home nearby at this location. This is the second child's side here in Brooklyn the last one occurred on August 24. -- sixteen shootings of children in New York City under the age of sixteen. All since the middle back. That's the latest live from Brownsville Brooklyn Anthony Johnson channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":20135020,"title":"Child in Stroller Fatally Shot in New York City ","duration":"1:51","description":"One-year-old boy and his parents were crossing a street in Brooklyn when shots were fired.","url":"/US/video/child-stroller-fatally-shot-york-city-20135020","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}