Easy Meals To Make At Home: Winter Vegetable and Chickpea Soup with Moroccan Spices and Couscous

ABC News' Sara Haines joins Joel Gamoran Senior Resident Chef at Sur La Table for a delicious recipe and some helpful tips!
11:46 | 01/21/16

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Transcript for Easy Meals To Make At Home: Winter Vegetable and Chickpea Soup with Moroccan Spices and Couscous
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And there's a lot of yeah but also you wanna control looks up and get really overly echos reported yet. Just. And it's going. And then. This is like one of nuclear weapons and smells close your eyes snow that tell me what it is not. Like they are at dean knowing to rethink again isn't. Nazi death date but it wasn't that this has reached OK with you. I was gonna come up with the recent. Yet to figure doesn't like yeah. Actual. I don't ridiculous that you should I don't think this but it does look and speaking drive that this is she pays for Morocco its humor. And you. And spicy and this is just goodness but. And hires you right there that. A recess. What section distorting her recess. They probably. Infections we settlement certainly. But you can't fine he said. OK. By. So now come through his trysts with for the maintenance helping it. So seamlessly I'm. This league it's really special to look dimples here especially when it matters with this dish. Corporate and we let simmer about forty minutes Imus swapping out TV time. The magic the magic. Yet. That's what's been looking for forty. Literally do with that the only seeking an open it or that went in with Whitman. But what is. Two minutes. Does not matter. Well you're gonna bring your finger I don't know if you're like a boxer those are important to you it's very true. She'll see how wet it is you know whipping back on this do you. Hot stove it's so important because it's all the organization back on to do. And mixes so delicious from raising. I'm long to keep the moisture it's okay supplement water in that yet yet unacceptable which in this note and sit back into the great. So I love the deductions and that is and with pain that you're not doing added normally be sucked out like it. There's little cartons just doesn't gather the latest OK in my opinion you know assortment of it is awesome. So little bit of lemon. Wheatley with us keep the seats yet to treatment. 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{"id":36431723,"title":"Easy Meals To Make At Home: Winter Vegetable and Chickpea Soup with Moroccan Spices and Couscous ","duration":"11:46","description":"ABC News' Sara Haines joins Joel Gamoran Senior Resident Chef at Sur La Table for a delicious recipe and some helpful tips!","url":"/US/video/easy-meals-make-home-winter-vegetable-chickpea-soup-36431723","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}