Farming Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay with the Rappahannock Oyster Company

ABC News' Maggie Rulli rides along with oyster farmers to learn how oysters are coming back to the ecosystem.
23:17 | 10/18/16

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Transcript for Farming Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay with the Rappahannock Oyster Company
Yeah and Maggie really hear part ABC new digital ally on the rap panic river. For some dirt but it's not just me and hear the rap and a hiker poster code including Anthony. Anthony we out on it will be left out there and they absolutely. Gorgeous day in October Virginia. Eighty degrees out here. Against Connecticut at the moist environment as perfect. So I think I've learned so far today. Wizard a decade ago were nowhere to be found in Virginia anymore they are completely over best. Didn't even had taken over pollution at taken over but that strolled in some few twists are on to the American. The wrap an eclectic company. They came in started farming oysters in the area and a decade later. He's only even out served over a thousand people a day at their weight their hunt here and how many feeding Amy. Oysters send out. And 480000. All of the country and Nolan. An operation a decade went from you much. Every oyster people out of the water treatment and water. Greg. An entire community like that to go from happening at my hero in the stretch there I've given the bracket the end of the night. Just look last. W when you go around the league I'm looking throwing just like that's what our goal right now we just left the dock and our first but their first thought. There were actually not to Wear around our in the east. In Virginia. And is in the wild where it's coming I'm. And hardening. So are always as we know exactly where they are anything but and they a lot more. They organize and militants that where they are always coming. A lot more designs. We're not them relying on. But I nature's whims of the lady Errol. In its. Something he went in the water no. I didn't put oysters in the water I mean for me. I'm never really dealt with questions for a separatist. Flirting back doing better restaurant ahead of the start how do you get from no oysters in the areas and out farming starts with a great. Three everywhere with a great local hatchery about 125 minutes away and they take. Immediately after the brief stop an inmate did did oysters spawn. From there may have little individual racers. And we get to see you ask me about one millimeter. And revived by the millions can be grown in our nursery. So the big enough to go indicate. The last part there. Eighteen point one don't know out quite a night out program. Great Little Feat that doesn't ever actually written it they're growing it and how you apartment then bring them up front. Technically gate on the eventually into our dinner lane right. Pregnant beginning next. What's it mean for the local content that I imagine when. Chesapeake Bay Area Lawson and her group. That's your as damage the economy I don't think. You know somebody who is inevitable we're pretty area. The Portland general and we're hoping. But what secular. But. That didn't do that but yeah. And years ago yeah. Yeah I'm here you. That's a big. Increasingly jobs that extends its huge economy. Then there are a lot more. Oyster farmers that have come back to the aryan mildly it's hundreds and let your. Bring back every night life. Big East Coast oyster and if you Google rap on what's happening to encourage everyone to dim and you'll see that they're credited as saving big east club East Coast western edges of big. The season. CBS and I. Certainly it's probably a bold statement this week that yeah. Reported in timing Austin and efficiently and you know. Some of the posters. Aren't as. It's everywhere and next. And well. And political. Territory we. In the heart of Atlanta yet we act on its dark shadows and there cages. Opera is if you look behind him they're there and the little dark. We'll. I'm here in the farm I think of going far thing I don't think we're going to be out on the water in the middle of an oyster Byron. Yeah and there's actually. A great deal instantly between traditional and it's doing. Which. Is what's happening now let's. Let's. Our program. How many oysters are we expect intimacy. With a good all. Under. 12100. Markets that tape. So we're told about each cage. They'll hauling and roughly 12100. Oysters and about half of those 600 art make it out to market would inhibit the other half what do you guys do. They're the guys every day. One of our guys on anything it's not pretty enough be enough. Doesn't make degree we'll go back now. Do you do. When she. Never mind you this is she did you move. Operating though blitzer hollering and affected. And I am no earnings beat is that it will be landing site and thank. Apple elegant. And get a closer line. I'm mechanics and. Or write down. Sunday. Do you ever crazy things an anti survive. Giant Eagle and if you love you get to see. Receive. No one had AM. Here's cross for a few hours it act. Meaning. You provide structured. Paul. These are actually. Pretty money at the moment but as soon as we bring them and clean them off but fear itself and the what do you think that's good Poland's Amesbury and. So each is being. Hot I'm told by Anthony and take it. And a self contained ecosystems on each one and and I'm Natalie oysters but nothing like what you're saying little fish crabs and the Anthony like you're telling me earlier. Oysters are really might ultimately caused some areas they kind of acts as the nation's. Yeah. I. Holy house cleaned cleared as a global player is important. What. House arrest of but rather if. And building. It is. Immoral and the. For population. And mostly. I'm having and increasingly spears. This disorganized. Really heavy that you're okay. Some distance working an accidental don't think. And analyze it it's. You can keep on them when police Siskel and Billings. And our well. Water spit at my. That it. I'll be out classical if you read the clothes. Keep looking healthy and he found. You can be and waters from the oysters and that cuts and debris in the water and filtering it looked as part of that great ecosystem and we just talk about a couple. It is uncle and Alan good and Portland me. Maybe the program. I do and not always. Yeah. It's. Oh. Should you not here yeah. You. Worked for years one of them. There and. Those on hand. Every two years. That's according adequacy or not. Are Republicans. What exactly what I they're eating an oyster. Just thinking that it took at least to hear what the ticket and even. To harvest to your play. Let one dollar happened early there's pencils really any good deal ha. I thought we haven't argued. The winning a close look. I let's take where they need to know and picnic at the way. Kind of an important. And yeah yeah. Yeah. Her office. Yeah. We. And enters an art we. The artists. Here. Artists with more. Another group. I just what is there are people who are parties. Apart. Learn what you like so what you know we can do. Yeah. That's a good. Shift in mindset. That we have mysterious. It was no longer. Really believe. That the mental we're. Allies failed us. What. I'm an important and helpless and in the country are. Our visitors. Let's. Hope there. Is pursuing. It's summertime heat as. He does. It's not like a hot belly I. Or because refrigeration. So well. That wasn't or restaurant. Dollars. Anyways itself is just him. It is game and the company's term what is technology energy reproducing instead of pulling up and no apparent reason he'd say don't in his mom's arm. But how do away with that correct RA it's not meteors all the time. Now we walk the walk and run around two we have caught a Broward is that is racking bag system. Just different so a different method for. One critically relevant to these lasers that are actually in every Barbara acts on the bottom. And C with a type that we might get a hot water. Ball movement. Oh. Any isn't just tuning and it is that Maggie really for ABC news digital and we aren't I went. And oyster company didn't take out on the job the day hunt for the boys as we RD pick them the united have a great great here. PRD picked up some oysters that they've been farming. And we tried them in a little bit so stay tuned for that community eating their harvest. But before we need to indulge in a heart a hard day's work it out here for all of I'd minute. Don't worry they are harvest be afterward a little bit warmer gonna go look for some more oysters as great now. Take a look around us at this beautiful scenery we actually in the middle of an oyster farm. And beat me are thousands of oysters that robotic what's the company has been farming out for well over two years all working. To get delicious tasting oysters here. There's actually thousands of Edith 2000 plus. Point Kate isn't one of the cool. With the wonderful things about our doing it here is that if you look around. There's. Intact didn't use him. You look around you couldn't tell you you're right you don't know that your advice to people that have. Vacations are people that come into it and you're beauty and we're not imposing. UNESCO in what. Just get people might yet though. That viewers are right there just a little little not so what does oyster farm like this what does it of the local eco. That's something. Obviously filters water I'm missing adult wizards filtered bid to sixty gallons. River water bay water a day. So you know you've got some twenty plus million which is in the water that's a lot of black clean water and that's just our company there's lots of great companies like ours it was insane that held. But he was in order to. But I'm probably manage oysters can help the environment the economy. And your grade it's one of the few counter intuitive cities where the more you eats them better. For the environment. You eat three dozen oysters and sitting in a footnote ten doesn't back in the water for places to the more you meet the more we put the water more oysters in the water. More more of its filter that's the environmental movement people can get behind it initiatives it truly is one of the few. View as if you do any more he needs the better for them because it's so. The president we are now at this is cool that you wanna take a look behind me just to actually start to see. And the oyster beds is right under the water. Turning. To close of over the Medfield difficult to seek an a on the boat skinny get a closer Eric Kinney at least try to. It's done pretty give it a shot here. All lines right here where there harvesting oysters so vacant that of oyster farms. Just in the middle Chesapeake Bay like that as a way to. Not only bring more oysters back to the ecosystem but also to help a local economy and bring back to be baked oysters an actual. Heralded oyster in the oyster world because that's more than a decade ago another new beginning visited. Not certificate in the water system isn't. Here on the side here. He be a little up close view of what we're doing short. I'm not follow the ultimately it. This is lucky. Just squeeze your home look like on the farm with an Iraqi that consumers re Barbara. I. Now we will come out usually when the tide is down and he's here the more accessible. And now we're pleased to announce the bags you. We'll. If he's he's oyster liquor cold. They never really nice girl is racket bags this you don't wave action and shallow the waves election humble the oysters. The main action news he was yeah. Oh Mary mineral against each other in. This helps shape doesn't make things. There are oyster grounds it got 250 acres. This location and wraps all the way around. Visit hugs a shoreline dream about Hillary Clinton greeted him there. You'll be here. Let him get welcome. So we didn't there holiday. It. British reading get a little closer to you guys in zooming in you can see some images that even if you just look here. All of those. Lions writ there are attached. Two. May long and then of oysters and is just one example of how they've farmed oysters here in just Tibetan. So as usual they're really not here but most of the work. This is guises that night on a night on the town. The Lincoln. Get the light camera in the middle of an oyster bar right now just behind as you can see rows and rows of oysters you have. Thousands of oysters think you're going right now all part. Totally waters close to twenty million. A difference that's the front door Anthony that a lot of wasted. And how many those you are. Depends affidavit where we when he. A new team today is a native leaders and his knowledge that. It out and we. The worst inning in the middle of me I think Matt that a massive waste department tested it about attic oyster company twenty million oysters are growing right now beneath our feet and other places in the bank and they harvest 80000. In heat on this from this particular farm just from this particular art. Health and placed on the way so once there harvested so we just thought wedding oysters or farm where they're grown. You got as some what up close and personal look in the middle of an oyster farm media. If you look here behind me here we also have where we picked up the oysters that we're ruling. Anatomy scene where they're farmed meat harvested them we've gotten the oysters what's next. Act it is doing its part. I enjoy just the boat ride back we'll look around give you a little views you can enjoy it take you student nursery where they're at and shells when you call that process of their bra through when the treaty and. And we have a nursery in and we have oh lead in husbandry has been going on and we accident harvest area. Politics placed on the dot question. We're almost harvesting what boat ride a little bit more harvesting wearing and then it actually eat him and enjoyed. Cart down the water. A. That I didn't know. This Americans want to get up Wednesday. But for every basic very million oysters we get hatchery. We'll see about half of that 500000. Reach markets. I just not just a bit higher than 50% on return. We didn't country's greatness. Partly meeting. Zero.

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{"id":42884458,"title":"Farming Oysters in the Chesapeake Bay with the Rappahannock Oyster Company","duration":"23:17","description":"ABC News' Maggie Rulli rides along with oyster farmers to learn how oysters are coming back to the ecosystem.","url":"/US/video/farming-oysters-chesapeake-bay-rappahannock-oyster-company-42884458","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}