The Fastest Woman Alive, Carmelita Jeter, Sits Down With Robert Roberts

Carmelita Jeter on why a recent Bronze medal means the most.
3:00 | 10/10/13

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Transcript for The Fastest Woman Alive, Carmelita Jeter, Sits Down With Robert Roberts
You know we have two things in common. One basketball. To lamb chops. You like the way and and -- -- him but that's an eyewitness. That's what weakness -- I love them -- The ball that's where you got to start that was the first bored yes it -- I grew up in a bath by household myself my brother. We played basketball on Saturdays from sun -- -- Sunday and it wasn't until. I was a freshman high school that the track the -- quote it to go out for attacking -- -- -- -- -- I never went back. -- loved individualism of the sport I love how he worked Laurie. And we -- you got oddity is which you put into you know so I enjoy. Asking Bob act like track with my old me. What do you -- now. Injuries amid reports. Lot of Wear and tear on the body Carolina it is and my body has definitely been hearing a little -- 2012. With a little rough year for me right I am currently is -- state. Something I haven't done in years. -- red -- OK with that you know what. I am loving the rest because the mental wreaths and just peace deal for a little -- and I'm absolutely in Julien Temple being Steele will help me fill -- attacked when he sixteen -- is a real baby. We're so and I'm Tyler -- Portuguese. You don't have some time yet and you do have to -- -- -- it has. We're -- -- society go go go now now now. So how do you balance when you are in and it's hard to say -- -- because you can't please everyone you when -- -- -- the U -- the stage in the light you'll keep but it. Think -- you all the time but sometimes you have to say. No. He go apathy game now -- half to read this is coming from that this woman. You know how people allowed to give -- that time because it is true that this woman alive. Does that feel like when you hear people refer to you. I think there -- mind me. That I am the second -- woman. Angered on pertinent question is -- at the beaver mind it in my I want people think we have some wonderful people who follow us. ESP NW on Twitter and on FaceBook -- You -- stamp the blocks before going down please share your mental. Pre start routine with I watch it you know watch stand the black make sure it's in the ground you know pictures in the -- And that's why. Denmark for me to say let's go. You know for me to hit the Blackwood mark split and then I'm looking down attract an -- -- of them and told me it is game time. You know -- you SK is overweight you know. When this guy click you better be greater brunt. And I believe me hit in the hit in the black is like. My gun. It said that actual start shooting -- -- -- my good admitting Nino that's got beaten. Okay this one is for a -- she says what was your best memory and events like the Olympics or world. I have so many great memories from -- but you know 2012 made the most. Because of the passing of my with breast cancer. And knowing that she would have been at the Olympics the -- and I would have to say that know me was the moment of me. Because I had made -- eighteenth. And I told her before she passed a -- making -- that was better than 1964. In 1967 are those times that made me the second fastest woman alive. Did not compare to that moment of walking in the state it was -- -- This is so personal you know everyone thinks it must -- the record atmosphere oh behind -- you know you're the fastest woman and it's. It comes back to family -- your message for pretty young people especially young women. Are you so much to say. Money. Never give. -- -- -- -- -- And you got the and you hand you've been you're fine you find -- way and -- -- you find a way to get the year being it doesn't matter what sport idea that this not a sport. It is something else. That she loved to do what you want and do you keep fighting for. This gonna happen so what's next for you from. What I have world championships and 2015. And in Rio 2016 that's where my heart is going to -- sit at and I'm willing myself on that team I wanna be on this team. And that's from -- party is right Nancy anything that you pursue. You were going to be thanks successful thank you Carmelita thing. -- Thanks for having me and -- --

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{"id":20529231,"title":"The Fastest Woman Alive, Carmelita Jeter, Sits Down With Robert Roberts","duration":"3:00","description":"Carmelita Jeter on why a recent Bronze medal means the most.","url":"/US/video/fastest-woman-alive-carmelita-jeter-sits-robert-roberts-20529231","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}