Female Bounty Hunters Accused of Excessive Force

California's Lipstick Bounty Hunters face lawsuit by man they arrested.
1:17 | 04/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Female Bounty Hunters Accused of Excessive Force
The lipstick -- hunters were -- data Tuesday night. -- hunt for dean you'll do ball this -- in this video ten news was first to show you last month. Being shot by rubber bullets and arrested an Arby's by a trio -- winning county hunters wearing pink T shirts. It was hired by a bail Bondsman to revoked bail for drug and weapon charges after the first attempt failed. They just keep pushing and pushing and pushing it because it they they keep getting media attention. They tried again Tuesday night at two -- home in Westminster. Chased me I will. Mr. Duvall and did not leave this however. She was not very cooperative. But this time they had help from another -- -- They are the ones -- women. And effectuate the arrest. -- over lipstick who took all the glory. Do boss attorney Dan Daly and says the women who went too far in the first to ten shooting due -- twice in EI. And breaking his nose the to reach -- goal to disagrees. We believe we did not use. -- -- -- Are you serious. You didn't use enough force are you saying you should've brought a real gun and shot him dead every single time they talk. It helps me prove my case.

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{"id":18883020,"title":"Female Bounty Hunters Accused of Excessive Force ","duration":"1:17","description":"California's Lipstick Bounty Hunters face lawsuit by man they arrested.","url":"/US/video/female-bounty-hunters-accused-excessive-force-18883020","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}