Basketball Legend Shares the Key to Her Success

The basketball legend shares the key to her success.
6:37 | 07/18/13

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Transcript for Basketball Legend Shares the Key to Her Success
British and all you don't know how happy I am Cynthia Cooper dyke oh my goodness Robin. You don't know how are we got him first of all I just -- -- -- In again. Does it to -- not on the bench to not -- watch -- on the sidelines to be actually in the game. Formal I don't -- when you you deserve to be back exit the -- here on the -- USC what does that mean to you -- you know it's itself cliches to say. It's a dream come true but when I remember that battles and my path my journey through. High school to USC. And then on to the professional ranks on it is -- A dream come true I remember and in the beautiful book that you -- talking about your life. And you said how you constantly have obstacles. Place economy and that you love that amount that you that it makes you -- -- what do you say to that young person especially a young girl. Faced with a lot of challenges similar to what you went through. And they see what you are now how do you talk to them about setting goals for themselves well until two stars as I say get up. When you get knocked down get up. It doesn't matter how slowly you know it just matters that should give up and that should push forward I -- that you -- You can't be successful you can achieve your goals and once routine -- -- you said it's okay. It's okay to be great. It's -- to fight for something that you believe in the Q1 that -- -- about say it's -- to fight that you can do it because I think. And no one expected needed to. What I did and I always believed that I could I like to say you -- the part of the original Big Three U. Sheryl Swoopes. And Tina Thompson. Playing for the -- How you alluded to you've made the transition from international play and what it mean for you to come back and play on home. Soil the home court Robin in the admit everything. We can you imagine my mom had not this it's quite liked him that. It was special to me to come back to -- and be at my best even though I was there and yet there were. -- -- -- if you forged your own way. With the people that inspired you and where your mentors. Probably mom mom mom with his mentor -- I just saw her persevere through so -- and she just kept going. And she raised -- -- ourselves and she fought cancer and she. Was probably the first person that -- -- no matter what it is you want to do. You can go after you can do. We asked. ESP NW have a lot of followers on Twitter and FaceBook asks for questions for -- Outright and there's some good ones -- wants to know work do you see -- WNBA. In ten years in quieter perspective -- since you were partly inaugural season in those first years so we're -- at ten years from now. When I was growing that we can have a Professional -- so we can't really prepare ourselves. I think now you're starting to see the Brittany Klein this guy that -- you start to see -- -- -- on. And -- and how fantastic of an athlete and player they are. Because they were able to prepare five years sooner because they had that dream they had a vision they were able to. Focus on something like the -- BA sassy alive and well these young women are benefiting from title nine that day they were born. -- -- -- they were encouraged a word taught how to play an opportunity opportunities and they've really been really run with and so proud of what we're seeing right now proud of the foundation that you laid. Rebecca Watson what was your favorite memory of playing and -- having -- -- we're playing in New York -- -- down by. I came down -- about. We were sentenced to. Me -- point out that since the game over time. We ended up winning that game -- championship. That's probably that -- Because we had so many obstacles and so -- -- reasons. To fail. But as a team and as a CD as a as a -- when we came together. And we were able to it to pull out that that -- championship in spite of Kim passed away. A couple days before the playoffs started so that's probably. Probably my fondest memory remember that -- crew. And -- the emotion. The candidate for -- because she was a little general out there aria she wouldn't have had it in yet we have a lot of fond memories and kudos. Women's basketball hall of fame which is fantastic. But also going into that basement. Hall of fame in Springfield Massachusetts. Worst case that's about how -- How humble. I wise to just be among the -- and to be recognized. As one of the best. For me that with special that was special because it may -- remember. All of the times the boys when that -- -- the debate do you remember when they -- let me in the game what's next. Was -- winning a national championship. For USC at USC. As -- head coach I need to achieve that -- That's my next goal. And it will -- you know raise the roof as you know hole well we're gonna then yeah I know again throughout. The -- it. I could sit here and talked view it talking about analysts say thank you. For your contributions your continued contributions and wish you all the best and yes you still got game that you are in the game. Thanks Robin -- to have.

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{"id":19698389,"title":"Basketball Legend Shares the Key to Her Success","duration":"6:37","description":"The basketball legend shares the key to her success.","url":"/US/video/game-cynthia-cooper-dyke-19698389","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}