George Zimmerman Arraigned for Alleged Aggravated Assault

Judge orders Zimmerman to surrender his guns, wear monitoring device to be released on bail.
3:00 | 11/19/13

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Transcript for George Zimmerman Arraigned for Alleged Aggravated Assault
-- -- -- -- Twin suicide bombers launched a set of deadly attacks outside of -- Ryan embassy in Beirut. There were two enormous explosions and moments later. Witnesses say they were -- This is a special report from. I'm Dan -- and New York with this ABC news digital special report the man acquitted. -- shooting trade on -- George Zimmermann. Back in court today he was arrested yesterday after a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. And spent the night in jail. BC's -- to Turkey has been following the latest run in with the law and joins us now with details of this errant what do we know. About his treatment last night in jail. But he was in solitary confinement or administrative confinement and it's basically for its own safety authorities said that it was because. He's a high profile inmate and he came to notoriety of course -- and because he was acquitted of murdering -- on -- and he's in the that the very same lockup where he was held before. That acquittal and he is about to be brought into court today to face charges of aggravated assault battery and criminal mischief in connection with a domestic dispute. But police were called to at the rented home of his girlfriend. Girlfriend had called -- on -- to say that he had -- the shotgun at her that the gun was loaded. And that they've been having some kind of an argument possibly police said over a breakup. From what I understand -- and there was also a 911 call made by Zimmerman himself right he called police and police were a little baffled the dispatcher said were already at the house why are you calling us and Zimmerman said. All I want people to know the truth and the truth according to Zimmerman. Is that his -- crazy and now -- -- -- Dispute. It's not exactly. Clear in this does seem to be a case of he said she said which towards him and would have a degree of familiarity would have given that he said. She said nature of of his last. -- in custody. But this is not the first time that -- he has had a run in with the law since his acquittal he's been stopped for speeding. He's been accused by his estranged wife of the violence and he's been accused by a relative of that -- and now. Post to his attorney says his court appointed attorney says that he just wants to go home and that he's upset over these latest allegations. -- noteworthy that he has a court appointed attorney Dan because he can no longer afford apparently. His his counsel from the murder trial -- Mara. Whose relationship is a little unclear now apparently -- -- had not been getting paid and no longer wanted to be. Considered mr. Goodman's lawyer it was at first running with -- lives on the mistaken or shortly thereafter that -- that -- merits that he wanted to distance himself. I want to let both of those 911 calls pretend. -- outbreak my beliefs. He hadn't -- on breaking all of my he broke Michael slightly what might happen he forgot I had and he. -- Out and -- out. Okay you're -- I -- -- see it in addition Erica Kane. And I have my -- he -- -- Banging on the door and when. Let's get them. I don't have anything this thing. -- -- an interest in revelation. Both sides there clearly and making those calls essentially to the public and we've heard now that George Zimmerman has used 911. -- to voice his own version of events he -- in the -- -- on -- episode and now he does it here with his girlfriend Samantha shall live. She yeah of course explaining one side of the story what she says is happening giving kind of a narration -- to police dispatchers. And -- George -- calling would that would with something else saying that he doesn't have anything to say saying that his girlfriend is crazy. And -- he just wants people to know the truth obviously still concerned about what the public thinks of him. Four months after his acquittal of murder charges I want to bring in our prosecutor and a C a -- -- -- to discuss a little bit more about the proceedings on this and Tennessee get. I would ask what do you make of the tone of both of those 911 calls because they are both dramatically difference. Aren't I think that they're telling in and of themselves you -- the girlfriend calling you hear the agitation when I would say is fear in her voice and the spontaneity in her voice as she talks about what's happening. -- -- smashing my things you just pointed his gun and my face. And that sounds very. Honest if you will -- listen to the call and you hear George Zimmerman who. It is not a Clinton's that he doesn't college Slinger as the police -- authority actually been called because they are at his home. Now speaking to his girlfriend. And he is com. -- is calculated this is a guy who remember he knows the impact of these calls he remembers that during his trial how often -- 91 -- calls were played in the media. And that very likely these calls may be broadcast again as they are being done now and so -- Wouldn't say if I was a prosecutor he saying the right things but that they don't have the ring of truth when you listen to it and -- -- calculated to help him get out from under here. And let's take a listen and see if you can stick with spears wanna go now a lot of squirming here this bond hearing -- following their arrests. The initial purpose of this hearing is to determine whether there is probable cause for the -- itself. That means whether there are reasonable grounds to believe that a crime may have been committed and that you may have been the person -- committed the crime. There are certain things that we have to accomplish today the first is to make sure you understand the reason or reasons for these addresses. Second is to make sure you receive a copy of the charging document. In your case it will be an arrest -- -- that you enter your attorneys can prepare for the trial of your case. The third is to make sure you clearly understand all of the rights that you are guaranteed. As a citizen of this United States. First of -- -- -- the absolute right to your case tried by jury of your peers six individuals will be chosen to decide whether you're guilty or not guilty of the offense or offenses as a lead. Second you have the right if you do not agree with the decision of the jury which is calling verdict. To appeal that decision to a higher court for perhaps is better or more favorable result and outcome. Third you have the right he represented by an attorney at all stages of the proceedings including -- -- trial and on all of your heels. You have the right to hire an attorney of your choice he cannot afford an attorney one will be provided for you by the state of Florida. Fortier direct remained silent which means that your trial if you choose to say absolutely nothing he cannot be held against you -- and -- or by any court. There you have the absolute right to confront your accuser which means you or your attorney. We'll have the right to cross examine the State's witnesses and try and -- their evidence so that they cannot prove the case against you. And you're the right to bringing your evidence at your own witnesses and -- witnesses will not come voluntarily that judges cited here case can force them come. Through this subpoena power of the -- You also the right to reasonable communication. With your family friends and attorney. And if you ask these -- -- -- means he's reasonable means we've provided for you. Finally you have the right to be presumed innocent which means you cannot be found guilty of any charge or any crime. Unless -- won't feel the state of Florida can prove beyond to the exclusion of every reasonable doubt. Each element to that charge against you. You have a question about any of these rights mr. Zimmerman -- you know. Do you understand all of -- writes yes -- Okay good the next thing we have to accomplish is to make sure you understand when your next court proceeding is going to be. You are responsible for any information you're given here writing today we're told here today. Especially is involve dates times and places. If you -- here for your next scheduled court appearance. I can almost guarantee that the judge decides your case we'll issue a warrant for your -- you know wind up back where you started today. I think we have to do today is discussed beyond -- reasonable conditions of -- based on the offenses as alleged. And so mr. Zimmerman do you understand that the reason for your arrest and it is an alleged. That there was a domestic violence related aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. And -- domestic violence related battery and criminal mischief he understand that yes. You soon OK you receive a copy of the arrest reports there you see him. OK I did as well I do find probable cause for all three allegations and for the arrest. I would appoint the public defender's office to represented on all three of these criminal charges mr. Zimmerman. You're next court appearance will be and the -- that we judge Fred Seidler. January 7 2014. At 1:30 PM in courtroom one day. You know discuss -- and reasonable conditions above I was here for the state for. -- I'm thinking about -- Florida. -- Hey well your honor we have -- to see the victim in this case here -- our safety and she would like that there will be no contact -- -- -- We do have to exclusionary zone to include. Thirteen 08 top female corps pop up that's TO PE RI ELD. -- don't press. 1010. And late brother my experience Florida. Yeah -- requesting -- possession of firearms or ammunition. And that any new address that he used. Live also the -- -- Rodham Clinton and not be allowed to travel outside the saint -- And often associated relinquish his passports. I do Lester is that -- -- did put some other. Think on the record the didn't need -- Violence incident her approximately a week ago that involved. Choking that he report to the police. He -- you are -- -- -- incident he had indicated that. They -- -- -- breaking. He's up so I mentioned suicide in recent past. Factors and indicating that time needless thanks to -- nothing to lose we know that they say he had me safety. It is apparent concern not this time they aren't stated I think 50000 dollars bond -- -- Okay we'll let -- go anywhere near that. Mr. Downey. -- let's make some argument on behalf of your client. Yes or on behalf of our officers to -- would like to address the court -- -- that is huge -- good afternoon judge Jamey Carroll mr. Zimmerman. Regarding the issue bond. Are -- is that an opposition accused of the other conditions mention of -- -- -- address no weapons. And not have any contact with this particular person. Judge. Pursuant to the -- schedule some county mr. Zimmerman. Should be set -- at 4900 dollars he is a long time for -- resident. He does not have any -- who appears he does not have any prior criminal convictions and he does have significant -- that community. He mr. Zimmerman would have some locations in the Central Florida area which -- -- He would be able to stay yet that does not involve having contact with that particular person. So. Mr. Zimmerman do you still have any personal possessions because I read the arrest report seem like you're getting ready to move out. Of the -- field court address pocket he's still haven't possessions they are just some. Okay and here's what we're gonna do. I would assess the fun in this case is 9000 dollars which is 8900 on the aggravated assault. And fifty for each of the misdemeanors for a total of 9000 dollars. -- that numerous special conditions. The first. You cannot return to 1308. Field coordinator -- then you are permitted to go back one time. If it's in the accompaniment of law enforcement to obtain personal possessions you may need -- want. That you will have -- have law enforcement companies there just from second you cannot go to 1010. Sand lake road and -- months springs third you cannot have any. Contact at all with the man that shy yes. -- -- -- And in case you. Our awareness is there were no contact means person -- by phone not by mail now let facts -- we. Through FaceBook. Don't contact at all. Next new possession of any weapons or ammunition -- out on bond and that's in part for her safety and in part for your own safety may seem like. And I am -- -- the impact monitoring device to keep you away from her and away from those. Particular locations just to make sure there aren't any further altercations. Between the Tribune. As far as the past -- did you forget your passport back after the last trial. I'm not I'm not sure your -- my -- Former attorney may have it. Okay. I'm not -- worry too much better -- but I will put us condition traveling outside of the state of Florida while you're out on bond. And others of the special conditions that I. Believed to be reasonable and I think that's a reasonable amount based on the additional allegation. Eight previous fund reported. Potentially battery by strangulation. That's the reason for the increase in the -- now. I'm not increase your bond because -- things happened in the past the as far as I'm concerned this is a fresh case distance oh. We don't go with the increase bond those special conditions and the -- -- we'll see you back. January 7 2014. We didn't take your case first in order to accommodate them the folks in the press -- wanna be able to get out of -- timely fashion. News -- and state attorney anything else you like to have. I can't remember requesting that he mom I don't want her law enforcement and he indicate that me. Of the -- reaching their belongings and sent him home to the actual residents. -- I was sure -- me. Well that would be wise anyway because I think one of the things that might still be there it is. -- weapons or ammunition and so it's better it's not a mrs. -- possession of also. You'll have to have a third party. Go to the residence with the law enforcement or get your personal possessions that they remain there -- -- state attorney anything else you look at. -- -- you know and judge regarding the condition. Mr. Zimmerman would prefer to go there himself obviously you'd be accompanied with several law enforcement officers he would not touching any of the weapons or -- the ammunition. I'm not sure that there is another person in this area that can accompany -- -- Some of his personal belongings so he is asking the court if he wouldn't be allowed to go there himself. You know I think it's somebody else -- I really do this is a volatile situation potentially so believe that as they. Reasonable conditions of bond. And judge excuse me I'm sorry yes of regarding the impact monitor isn't the court took notice that he is indigent -- -- the court victory either reduced or waived. The cost of that device. Always difficult thank you judge okay your honor the exclusionary got a judge to be clear was how many feet. 15100. Feet to visitors. That here on -- fine thank you are. Very well mostly back January 7 2014 mr. Zimmerman -- -- to him. We're going to take a five minute recess everybody so that we can accommodate the. Well and so even much in the court proceedings there on George -- the man acquitted. Shooting and killing -- on Martin just four months ago now back in court. On charges of domestic assault I want to bring it anise seed and glossy let's talk about this and -- -- get breaking a little bit about what -- wish -- -- you right there on both sides. So what this was was basically the first court appearance -- first time he saw. A judge the first time he was actually presented with the charges against him where we know there is one felony charge and two misdemeanor counts. And what they decided was what his bond would be he was held overnight there was no way of him getting out before he saw the judge today and then both sides argued for what they wanted the prosecutors argued for 50000 dollars. -- domestic -- cases like this they often asked for a lot because as we know -- relationship tech cases are very volatile and they can escalate and become Tinder -- is quite quickly. On the other side the defense is saying this guy cannot. One -- for this to these charges don't warrant that and they were using a schedules are basically. Under a -- mathematical equation. To come up with what they said was fair 5000 judge basically said you know what I'm going to increase it had been hurt that now that they are also allegations of choking about a week and a half ago some 9000 dollars is what the bond will be. And what that means is that if that is paid that George -- can be released he will be. A free individual while this case is pending and -- -- have to return for each and every court appearance -- In his attorney saying earlier on that George Herman is about two and a half million dollars in debt right now which obviously -- speak to the reduction request anyway in bond at 4900 dollars. Still though -- at -- 9000 dollars is that it doesn't dive too much into that but is. Is that seem in line with the severity of those charges. It. Does depending on his means and when you look at -- each seat is different what the normal or usual amount is for the is 9000 for a felony that he can beat top count is a felony here and what he could get if convicted or -- -- pleads guilty is anywhere from jail time or justifying or probation so although. He's charge of -- felony that doesn't naslund -- you'll be in jail also to be given 9000 dollars bond does seem. Reasonable by the judge in light of the charges however I'm sure the state argues you know what just because those of the charges today what we fear is that they will escalate. And -- be in a much more severe situation which is why they asked for understandably a larger amount. Yes and as you stay with us so wanna go back on the -- -- -- the attorneys are now speaking. Now that was news to us from Denver -- -- -- We did not get that impression at all when we're still I don't speculate. Once again that was not contain any arrest report that's the first -- hi Casey got our money goes age is well. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He can make you write it ranges of the Bondsman and typically the state of Florida. When somebody makes -- -- -- our bonds -- for specific amount in most situations they require a 10% down payment. So theoretically -- 9000 dollar -- assuming that a Bondsman takes -- -- normal conditions. Mr. Zimmerman or somebody from his family or friends be required to post the 10% of that amount would should be 900. Dollars what is taking turns. Yeah. It's. Right now he's only been -- preliminary arrested the state attorney hasn't filed formal charges on him yet. He as a preliminary arrest her and aggravated assaults. The criminal mischief as well it's a misdemeanor battery and even running back into the. Well the judge and factored different things into his bonds. It was increased slightly from the normal schedule. We are confident that mr. Zimmerman should be able to -- -- bond and you're losing custody aren't doing any films -- among. How we get here. Well that the both of us spoke with him mr. -- -- -- this morning the both of us spoke with him this afternoon. He's back in jail obviously that is because a certain amount of stress and anxiety and somebody. I would not characterize him as -- the state attorney said meaning you know he's suicidal and volatile we did not get that impression. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- After spring alone I don't think it that's really critical turning to hopefully a real -- -- morning. We're different Robert Robertson and that's recommended yes it is there anything -- -- conversation. Wall. Ownership. No I don't have any personal billion dollars is -- Robert at that time he wanted to be on the radio show and I just don't think arrangement that was all. -- in terms of Georgia's. Ability the no doubt we'll. -- -- -- -- Didn't -- this morning. Get it done when there aren't -- five -- repair it seems like every time it happened. There's a -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not sure so why would they -- On the -- That would be -- a correct statement to sheriff's office removes all the weapons on their policy he was he wants to go back just to be. About to get his personal belongings it doesn't -- that they. -- Yeah. We've not had a discussion with the I'm -- That's correct. -- -- there and -- obviously has had some issues before with. People looking for him an issue for the safety location. Need places he intends to go too -- in the area obviously we can't talk about where he's going to be going and how far away or anything like that but hopefully. Once he is released he will be at that location and be secure from anybody. -- have any improper contact with him I like that in the Internet age are -- them -- -- I'm sorry was that one thing and -- -- -- I can tell you I've represented you know thousands of people and a lot of them have mental issues and some form or fashion and part of what we do as defense attorneys is you. Identifying and spots some of those red flags regarding mental situations. My conversations necessary and I didn't get the impression that he was suicidal. Literary assistant -- in the says he's been arrested and there's been no contact this -- -- -- and quite a river running and you will rely. General public. Since since then this -- them. You make your -- into. -- -- would not characterize my client has -- -- -- He is presumed innocent on these matters. And we're confident he's going to be acquitted we just asked that -- go through the normal channels in the process of the justice system in the plan. And. -- Did not -- but that I can assure you the message we'll get across to. They -- -- on -- before today. I don't think it's too early -- -- dumb but we'll find out. Don't think it would talk to the that we can't contact the reporters today don't -- -- fortunate here live I've met him briefly -- maybe even representative Robert in the past so unfamiliar with the family kind of relationship -- Robert. You know as an attorney client night briefly -- Giordano judges don't know that well -- the only time I've ever met him was I work in the building of the courthouse right over there. His trial took some time. Coming in the building after building I have not had a conversation personally -- up until today as you -- you just arrested recently so. Dollars and management. -- you know is going to be released now most. Go home but every group it's getting ready to -- charges -- yeah. Okay. I did not look at him and then that was the first I heard about its results surprised myself it. You know I I can't clarify that I do not know whether or not she is. I just don't know. Right. Put on put on. I mean I think anytime somebody's arrest for charges and every is a certain level of anxiety and stress. My impression again cubs -- -- this is there and he would appear to be a danger to himself according to anybody else. Is this a stressful event for him probably do as would be for anybody here but I didn't see any thing and I don't believe mr. Downey saw anything that. Cause us any immediate concerns for safety I don't think it's -- hurt himself -- anybody else. -- -- -- -- Well it's it's. If there -- issues regarding his mental state we as his defense attorneys have obligations you haven't evaluated for those things. He's speaking if necessary mean he's very clear he's very coherent. He understands what's going on. I'm not a psychologist I don't have any training in. -- -- -- anything like that whether or not he decides to seek treatment will be his choice. But I doubt -- -- a conversation -- to have -- later yeah. -- -- -- Well we as an attorney there are here to defend and help him win this matter -- law enforcement responsibility. Here. Address any concerns in someone's violating the law the sheriff's office the police department are all well equipped to handle matters very important even. We discuss its financial affidavit anytime somebody at some point in the office of the mobile -- -- a sworn affidavit which is the disclosure of what they have how much money they have coming in whether they've known anything -- can be -- cash and where they have liabilities. In this situation mr. Zimmerman did have some liabilities that exceeded it is. His his income and the judge decided to somewhere office this over Villanova in external -- When is on the affidavit and I haven't gotten it -- around yeah I have with the affidavit. It's okay. Right there. He never winning. And then at this point -- not had a discussion what Mike did reviewed the arrest report and it indicated he had back scenario that you said but I cannot confirm whether or not. It's true. Based on -- and -- -- knowledge knowledge been too early I mean -- I'm mad I'm eligible for the first time this morning talk to a ball forty fondness estimate -- myself. Met him I introduced myself as chief of the peace office and this is -- there was going to be assisting. With the defense and that's just what Lauren right now we've seven got into an in depth of the conversation -- -- conversation in pain he's. It's. -- and not. I don't know but it's true or not but it was not disclosing your rescue board nor was dawn last week's incident that was -- -- -- resident that was when we were in that -- that was a first neither one of assertive you found out that information the same time we did. We don't have any conversation -- about. We discussed the situation in this case with ten and this time I can't comment on the -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When usual back scenario what we did not disgusted with the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's maintained his innocence. We'll tell you that. William and of -- he's sorry about what happened but he still maintaining his innocence when -- back. I'm hopefully. Typically it -- until tomorrow Roberts because if definitive for the electronic monitoring they have to get burned a landline. Bernard residents' -- arranged upon conditions but they abolish the Bondsman so there's there's some steps that have to be taken before its release -- -- tomorrow we don't anticipate this case taking any longer than any other normal case that America. We certainly don't want to -- and the -- you guys really amazing about that. Oh absolutely not Mark -- and -- -- a very good friends of mine. They're they're my mentors. I -- -- early in my career. And they just they've done their job in Dallas Fort Stewart Georgia yeah. I'm unaware of bad I don't know about what they can be rather difficult for George -- into the job here's -- I don't I don't Roberts gonna do the job I spoke with them earlier today and he's attempting to get employment. He's having a difficult. Using -- its. Name. -- What a lot of times things are included Wii Sports and don't end up being thrown. Whether or not -- sheriff. Has certain items and evidence is going to be developing over time. We have the same -- support that you all have we have no more greater knowledge of what the sheriff has in the air evidence locker then what you do so. As far as what the evidence is from the state has against them that's yet to be determined it means -- Well the police report indicates that farms are recovered. And that. And as far as that we don't have any other from the knowledge that -- -- -- -- -- excuse me like. The state attorney asked for a specific address to be included -- -- exclusionary zone exclusionary zone meaning he can't go to a certain place -- within 15100 feet of a certain place. As far as why didn't turning -- for that I don't know I did just that -- -- chopper didn't. Something you. Just. He gave Clinton a stunning. No absolutely not past -- doctor expired in my name's John -- JEF dog DO WDY. On the chief for the Seminole county public defender's offices currently my name is -- Daniel -- last name is spelled and volleying. -- RO and I am an assistant public defender. OK they didn't think you are much Gerri thank you guys didn't -- it -- -- So -- -- the attorneys are now defending George Herman and then of course acquitted of shooting in killing trip on -- just four months ago. Now being held. Judge finding that there was probable cause and three charges relating to a domestic assault for an -- that happened just yesterday. I want to bring in Tennessee and glossy to discuss a little bit about. What we learned from those attorneys there in NSC I know that that -- has been set at 9000 dollars but in fact. It is very likely that if there's an arrangement worked out with a Bondsman. Zimmerman could be out is why -- Early as tomorrow. Tomorrow placing as little as 900 dollars. Two allowed them the Bondsman and took place to rest of the 9000 to assure that he will return and that is likely what will happen. I certainly I think that he is someone who probably will return to court he returned to court every appearance in the case of the death of trade Mon -- I certainly think he will. Here but so when people hear that number 9000. Again in reality it's not 9000 it's much less. Let's go over some of the details. About this he is not allowed to return back to the original address 911 call was made from. He's also now allowed to have any contact. With his former girlfriend. And also he is not allowed to possess any weapons. Right and these are pretty. Average conditions normal what would be expected in a case like this again the allegations -- that he threatened to harm. With a shotgun his girlfriend of so now he has to stay away from her completely we're told by the attorneys at the second -- has to do with her child at me presume would be the child. School he cannot have firearms again makes perfect sense -- the allegations are that he used. Those firearms and unlawful manner and to be extra secure. In the unlikely situation this -- to escalate further the judge has required he be electronically monitor which is basically people think when they hear the -- ankle bracelet. Basically it is going to. -- go off. In a central monitoring station if he goes near those -- cases all basically let them know not just have to go on his word on his say so that he won't. Go near this woman -- these particular address that they will be able to monitor his whereabouts. -- one of the things that we heard not only from that hearing in that was in court just a short time ago but also from that. So -- press conference outside with his public defenders. Some of the questions that were being raised there was that he has been in the spotlight since his acquittal that there have been. Other instances where there have been run ins with the law. And what are they reporters there had asked if in fact it makes the public defender's job that much more difficult. -- -- does as far as public perception what while this may none of this would ever come into the courtroom it is an actual trial you know how many times -- public want to hear about George -- in this context. He was acquitted just five months ago back in July for the most serious of charges the death of -- of a young teenager -- on -- and now there this is the second time he has been. At least we're hearing about a potential charges and domestic situation the first being in September with his now estranged wife they're going through a divorce and again it was alleged that he used a firearm and -- no charges were ever filed she chose not to go forward. But then there -- three different instances where he was stopped by the police from various traffic violations. So you have to start to wonder why is it that this guy just cannot remain. Out of this -- spotlight and certainly as a prosecutor I'm the first to say innocent until proven guilty. However you know when you're talking -- traffic violations you can't break a lot while the police may be paying a little more attention because they know who George Imran -- -- going -- of 45 that's pretty black and white there will have to see what happens here though in this domestic situation which is a lot more cloudy -- when they go forward. What was interest in is that during that press conference as well one of the reporters had asked. If in fact what was the relationship like with some of those -- with the two previous attorneys -- -- -- Rehman had worked on in the initial case. And in the public defenders say in fact there that they do you know those previous attorneys that they had done their job and now it's time for them to do their job. Well George -- was certainly represented by high profile. Very charismatic professional experienced attorneys here and that cost a lot of money -- -- there was expert upon expert when you have high profile attorneys they usually are able to command high fees and so although there was all this public donation money coming and the money clearly ran out. And as they said he -- not been able to find employment or doesn't have employment I don't know exactly why whether he -- chosen not to but that. At least on paper he's able to show that he has no means an everyone is entitled to representation so the state says okay there's criminal charges against you you can afford it we will appoint someone. And so now what is next for George Zimmermann. Next for George Zimmermann is getting fitted for that electronic monitor it is meeting with a Bondsman to. Figure out what the amount is that they will. Be able to take his case on and is then being released and he'll be -- we didn't hear with the next court date is a -- sure that -- be -- documents which will be released shortly. But is hopefully to remain out of trouble during the pendency of this case and we'll see what happens as the case goes forward and domestic violence cases are tricky. Just like we ought to get the angriest -- those who love there often the first we forgive we don't know what the victim in this case for the alleged victim will do ultimately. And if she decides to go for -- or not -- she doesn't go forward if the state will prosecute on their own which they can do based on the evidence. So a lot remains to be seen here and we just don't know the outcome yet. All right of course and everyone will be watching as well it from outside -- Florida really across the country and -- sickening -- thank you so much we appreciate the insight. We do have a complete report -- here on For now I'm down Cutler in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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