Girl, 13, Killed on Florida School Bus

The victim was shot to death in front of her sister while riding the bus to school.
1:03 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Girl, 13, Killed on Florida School Bus
According to investigators. Be shots fired. Within a bus that came in. -- -- 11 system. Officers immediately responded and that's when they discovered that there was a thirteen year old white female that was suffering from an apparent -- -- They were able to immediately determined that the shooting occurred inside the bus. -- that the alleged shooter was also inside the bus he was immediately taken into custody he was detained placed in a police car we were able to recover. The fire arm. There were other children in the car approximately eight. Correction in the bus approximately eight of them were inside the bus and they were unharmed the victim was airlifted to. Miami children went on fortunately she succumbed to her injuries. She did heavy -- -- also inside the -- Seven years old. As I mentioned no other children were injured during the incident. And they have all been transported to the homicide bureau further question.

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{"id":17771480,"title":"Girl, 13, Killed on Florida School Bus","duration":"1:03","description":"The victim was shot to death in front of her sister while riding the bus to school.","url":"/US/video/girl-13-killed-florida-school-bus-17771480","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}