Incident at Matt Schaub's Home Investigated

Houston Police Department investigates alleged trespassing at the home of Texans quarterback.
0:57 | 10/09/13

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Transcript for Incident at Matt Schaub's Home Investigated
Week six of the NFL -- -- fans are really upset with their home teams it's so bad in Houston. And it -- security is investigating -- incident involving Texans quarterback Matt Schaub. A tough couple of weeks even -- -- NFL record drug interception or touchdown in the last four games to make matters worse he was taken out of Sunday's game against the 49ers. Fans -- taking it out on him one went with house and started yelling at a police are investigating another fan of pictures of -- family on FaceBook but despite the outrage -- coach and team are standing by him. I think he's -- a good player Knisley for long long time he's played really good for this organization -- -- disorganization become winners so. Have to evaluate what's going home what we're doing how we're doing it you know that's -- responsibility. But you know and I believe in him as a person of Lieberman as a player he's done -- before. Coach Gary Kubiak also say -- will start this Sunday against the St. Louis Rams.

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{"id":20524736,"title":"Incident at Matt Schaub's Home Investigated","duration":"0:57","description":"Houston Police Department investigates alleged trespassing at the home of Texans quarterback.","url":"/US/video/incident-matt-schaubs-home-investigated-20524736","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}