Jodi Arias to Donate Hair, Recycle If Allowed to Live

Convicted murderer says she "can't in good conscience" ask jury to sentence her to death.
19:03 | 05/21/13

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Transcript for Jodi Arias to Donate Hair, Recycle If Allowed to Live
Some months back. Well it -- that this child was brutally. My mom visited me just like. She'd been doing every week since happy. She -- after -- the courthouse. She was idling stop light. And she haven't recovered the car next to her. -- siblings -- in the car. My mom and I was very few moments. -- -- requesting that they would. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- being -- that point home -- More money for this the last week. I never meant to cut them so much pain. When Stevens and you've read on Travis street like my heart that if -- can't even. And then after that. I know that's because of me. Evidence of Minnesota's the last picture this -- to -- Travis. I know it's because -- needed -- will always be the last -- vigilant and take it. This trial -- -- -- and her brain injuries definitely do it but I wondered where's his grandma. This year. I didn't learn until last statement. What happened to her. Senate the -- Travis. Was -- glued to their family. Around Thanksgiving last night last June 2007. China's economy. He was really upset citizens it was you know -- -- Nurses can make it. -- admitted -- his family. Anything because she was acquitted and -- -- -- -- -- And then they have also intervened in district passing. The stories -- Every time I haven't -- -- desire. To commit suicide there's one element that is always. Almost always -- later. They're sitting right. Expands let's check that only. For example the incident it testified to. Put into -- -- entire existing county jail. And managed to convince myself that they would -- -- time. And that -- -- I was doing a favor by burdening him my presence. -- -- -- I would mention them -- -- Address specifically to each person and the -- and -- summer's group explanations. General explanatory letter. To help them understand my decision. At that time. Designed as taking -- -- let us work. I -- a lot of anything about prisoners -- street. And I didn't think it was fair to expect -- To have to support for the rest of my life. I didn't know that it. I don't like -- -- dad I can become -- the self reliant. I didn't know that about -- life. There are many things I can do to effect positive change. -- -- -- -- -- Imprison our programs like you start. And people like you know. And -- that I can continue to participating. -- -- -- examples that I thought it. A few months before trial. -- -- My hair was passed my waist. -- donated it to locks of love a nonprofit which creates wigs for cancer patients who lost their hair. The fact that was my -- donation to that organization since I was arrested. If I'm allowed to live in prison I would continue to donate to that organization for the rest of my. Over the years -- spent -- incarceration. -- received many requests. Because my case is pending city. -- and sentenced to life. The general population. -- women and I'll be able to share knowledge of those subjects with them. It was -- -- is actually listen. I -- -- start classes. If they can't imagine. Recycling program and the women's prison in will be here. Houses thousands of women and each week huge -- -- her home to let them. A substantial portion that could be kept out of respect Wednesday. It may be creating jobs for people there. This is one small thing that could have far reaching positive. There's a higher rate of illiteracy -- That -- every side. You know there really has enriched my life by expanding my knowledge base -- opening my eyes -- -- into the cultures. I can help other women become an accidentally taking an advantage into their lives. Along the lines of literacy and -- like to start of the clever reading group. Something that brings people together and positive and constructive -- that we can share and recommend -- -- And stimulate discussion I featured. Additionally the teacher. The teacher. Which 100% of proceeds. -- support nonprofit organizations which assist other victims of domestic violence. So until May not believe that I am a survivor and violence. They're entitled to everything. It could support his -- because it's very very important too. -- only a handful of examples. I've never been to prison. I don't know from personal experience what it's like there. But -- certain actor out right. I'll let -- many other ways in which he should be that would be. Schilling yeah it -- -- -- -- about family. When I was there. -- -- Eight women's studies -- -- yeah bad characters from. My little brother -- became inseparable. -- -- -- -- Today. -- -- -- -- Okay when I let us. -- -- I was standing -- Last Angela -- this growth. In the doctor's daughter -- season and -- -- -- -- Release. -- -- -- -- back to Larry again. My best -- to hear it. She was there has been suggested -- That she had mr. Santelli in the -- Wednesday. The same -- today. This year and I year old daughter and friend addressed -- -- -- And I can't -- city seventy. My relationship between -- improved a little. Bringing. It was previously. It hasn't lived there about our. The -- breezy there around inside the house. When this picture. Two says -- -- best and worst. In a few months. After the Ada. It was academics. Are friends working and -- As you know -- The stadium -- see each other weather here but. I have never had staged that -- -- -- for a few years. This communication there -- -- a restaurant hiring. Her friend Tony -- and her name -- pretty nice. He -- suspects used. Okay. It -- begun camping every summer this video. Poverty. And -- producer. In an area -- -- -- -- It's I think it's. Latter half of the there is the -- you. Presented. -- -- And he recommends motorists isn't easy go out. After six children came out. -- -- -- -- Everybody here it's. The top. They're expected this picture. We -- Jesus and reverend Jackson. Jack it's a great kid. I have seen since June -- happening. Here is -- So that's getting -- -- -- -- -- Dangerous this beautiful little -- right. The title picture made -- and witness -- this rather -- they get -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And his daughter before -- -- Is my -- -- existent. And it has little reminder that -- -- It's. And Colombia Colombia at any time for -- get -- out there. -- -- -- -- -- The boy. I was there is selling them. It was a -- taking pictures. -- -- -- But few weeks before -- I haven't Maria. Until he needs to go ahead -- Part of his belt line Sunday. -- -- -- They're not going to have to. I'm not going to count on it. You remember it's. I think they're definitely created. The news -- something. It younger claiming him. -- -- My dad and I have a lot of memories especially when it's -- -- -- This is how to spend the holidays. Carly yeah. So we'll unfortunate in this business and announcing -- years ago. But -- there and I sit there and read my husband. -- -- -- I want him so much what's right. Not saying -- all of us actually not something. The trial. All of the -- -- fun horrific details paraded out into the southern region. Instead of hoping to go. -- into the night whether residents like. -- -- received early on I tell -- my it is that it was necessary to speak out. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm glad I didn't. And I like the nature of the relationship that -- It's never been my intention to want to see -- care. Is that -- was it will -- to present his reputation. I want jackass cast skeletons were my obviously my experiences with the I didn't want to you know all -- -- text messages and emails and tape. All of these accidents and some other -- -- -- through the dark past. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's never going to be. -- -- -- -- -- took the -- I was obligated to. Answer questions -- And you'll remember anytime but to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That was released the world. It's the worst mistake of my. The worst thing -- ever done. It's the worst thing -- could see myself. That I couldn't see them getting -- Before the -- would need -- To this stage practically inescapable -- But it it anyway. This time. I was fortunately do. Good morning thanks to. In anyways my parents also suffered great loss. They're being expressed because they only -- about two -- -- Only the verdict was read. The moment their hopes of better. The Eagles -- next. My dad is here today -- -- Californians. The waiting anxiously for the TV. My mom came to visit me after court that -- days. -- that my dad I'm going over. She told Mena and thirty years -- -- to -- it she's never heard him -- -- -- -- that would Travis -- down there isn't much greater love and let me know where it. It's my hope that with the verdict you've been and events are that they -- might gain a sense of closure. Stevens said he didn't want. It is -- murder anymore. I -- many public statements that I would. For president. The -- -- did I respected. Until very recently I had not. Suspended play calling asking you didn't mind. To me like everything risky -- under. It's time. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Because of the asking residents -- not. Suicide. Either way but -- -- spending its. -- -- -- -- -- -- everything's okay. -- -- -- -- -- want to get his feelings get. -- -- --

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{"id":19226532,"title":"Jodi Arias to Donate Hair, Recycle If Allowed to Live","duration":"19:03","description":"Convicted murderer says she \"can't in good conscience\" ask jury to sentence her to death.","url":"/US/video/jodi-arias-pleads-life-familys-sake-19226532","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}