Jogger Murder Suspect Arrested, Charged

A suspect was arrested and charged in connection with the New York jogger murder that made national headlines in 2015.
1:38 | 02/06/17

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Transcript for Jogger Murder Suspect Arrested, Charged
Like a crime show drama murder victim reaching out from beyond the grade to help investigators as they search for her killer. Corina helped us identify this person she had the DNA and under and else we got it from there. Six months ago Karine a the Toronto was dogging alone in Howard Beach queens her father who normally joined her sidelined by a back injury when she didn't come home it was her father who would find her body. Lifeless just feet from the running trail. For nearly half a year police chased dead ends and then last week a breakthrough. Old clues leading to twenty year old Cameron Lewis located at his mother's house. Police say he voluntarily. Gave them cheek swab it matched the DNA under the victim's nails and elsewhere she had touched in a on her back. And it was more the nail itself so three incidents this we have of the grouping this profile of. And that's how we've Italy but Lewis had no prior arrest and no relationship with the trial. The 911 call about his suspicious behavior back in May at the same park where but Toronto would leader being murderer. And I say we have in cream tea tails incriminating statements but lewis' father said it wouldn't be his son is a great guy. And is not the personal pool would of don't know what it is they thing for but Toronto's parents raw emotions as new courtroom can bring their daughter back. They deem is. Must get his just death. The legal aid society is now taking on lewis' case and they say they're urging everyone not to rush to judgment. Lana Jack ABC news New York.

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{"id":45308320,"title":"Jogger Murder Suspect Arrested, Charged","duration":"1:38","description":"A suspect was arrested and charged in connection with the New York jogger murder that made national headlines in 2015.","url":"/US/video/jogger-murder-suspect-arrested-charged-45308320","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}