Jury Questions Jodi Arias on Murder Details

Questions submitted on written cards are read aloud by the judge.
3:00 | 03/06/13

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Transcript for Jury Questions Jodi Arias on Murder Details
Did you ever take pictures of yourself. Actor he hit you. -- -- -- Why did you call the cops on your act who -- Q but you never call the cops -- -- When an embarrassment to me trying to -- -- -- we were wrestling -- gets us through it seemed logical common one. And every day Travis because that would prior experience is calling on. -- -- He was learning experience tell me to shut up and come back. He didn't come back he created an excuse as to lightning and mines accidentally dialed and so after that. I mean this is years -- years later. As for -- June 4 there were no phones upstairs to my knowledge. Hands her previous releases. Heat would make up for it in ways that -- Why would you continue to sleep with -- after you've learned of his child. Foreign issues. That was not excited Travis dad. That he wanted to. To even exist and of course I think want to test heat and told me that he when he -- and women yeah. Sustained. Answer the question what happened -- his statement. I was an impression that when he was able to sleep with a woman as opposed to fantasizing about child he felt like more normal. As -- as a man. So. Also I have seen prior to this incident many beautiful qualities about him -- good qualities about him and things and -- attractive about him. And I believe this incident west. A -- part of himself that he didn't want to Foster or that he was fighting for struggling against. And -- you ultimately want to eradicate. -- Travis -- closet doors half blocks on them. I don't remember that happening. If you know how did you have time to get again -- if he was right behind you. I don't know if he was right behind me or not I just had -- since he was -- Would it be possible to have -- ran through the attack on 6408. Using warplanes exhibit 249. It started -- tested in the shower. I was right outside -- shower. PP I was taking photos of him facing him the shower. Back and forth relating. Check at photos some deleted because they didn't turn out great he is making -- -- expression or something. And then there's a cat and so I would do this city that and then we crashed into the -- -- had a -- different positions. At one point I was we were deleting and I went to move began to shift and -- and and the cameras. It slipped it was kind of like the best I can describe it. Like when you -- catch a football but it bounces Buchanan -- little because it. It didn't slip and just dropped -- slips and I trying to catch it and it kind of announced a little -- -- the ground and bounced and rolled onto the -- -- first time that. Then it all right under the Taliban that -- a very big it's just kind of wrapped in the shower and infantile threats. So. At that point he got very angry. And he stepped out of the shower he lifted me up from the craft's position. With enough force that my -- came on the ground momentarily. Anybody's plan. On the tile. At that whenever olds Quran down a hallway. -- Where's that -- -- goes on -- -- -- -- and I ran down a hallway. And then into the closet slammed the door. And start running. You -- looking -- the diagram of the would be on the left side seat and -- -- -- with my initial intent to. Probably -- -- the story. I instead rent for the kind of grabbed it and write this -- -- -- and -- is opening the door. I grabbed it and ran out into the bathroom he -- I believe straight. Toward the door as well and can you. -- -- -- -- A little bit -- At that -- I had run out of the bathroom. And I turned and -- when he came stops -- we need to contact him hoping that that -- just a kid pops. And it didn't instead he lunged at me right around the time that they do not. And they didn't leave it -- We got. We development looked pretty good force down in the corner -- fifteen but not quite that close it was -- -- -- -- and started. That area. And he felt kind of on top of me but to my right. I didn't want to get on top of me he has gotten even close since turning -- -- And it went on when exactly does not enhance -- -- -- got knocked out of my hands I drafted plan. I broke away from him. And as soon as I wrote the moment about the -- that's when he -- my life. I have no clear memories after that. Now. It's things begin to get really -- after the gun went off. And I don't know he was screaming and cursing I don't know -- remember exact words except -- -- -- said to me right after Tropicana. Which was. -- -- -- -- -- Able to pull the camera better than me. And that I was -- can use using -- witness statements.

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{"id":18669998,"title":"Jury Questions Jodi Arias on Murder Details","duration":"3:00","description":"Questions submitted on written cards are read aloud by the judge.","url":"/US/video/jury-questions-jodi-arias-murder-details-18669998","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}