Man Faces Charges for Buying Drunken Driver's Drinks

Texas officials say Kambiz Duran gave Nicole Baukus alcohol before she was in a fatal crash.
1:27 | 08/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Man Faces Charges for Buying Drunken Driver's Drinks
We now know that on Thursday the Dana -- baucus plead guilty investigators working behind the scenes file this arrest warrant for candies Michael Doran. They told us about that wore -- on Friday night. All of this individual responsible. For providing several -- -- markets that evening. In that war -- it's clear that the surveillance video baucus consuming more than twenty drinks in a four hour period before the deadly wrong way crash was critical. The investigator writes that while reviewing the video. I noted a white male deliver three alcoholic beverage drinks to -- at 1:38 AM 1:43 AM and 1:46 AM. These are the last three drinks baucus consumes. And he contends that while Iran is providing these three drinks it's clearly evident on the video that baucus is intoxicated as she is swaying. Sidestepping for balance and walking into tables. The charge of providing alcohol to intoxicated person is a misdemeanor but Iran with the customer not a bartender it's very engine won't. Our legal analyst JoAnne -- says it's likely a hard case to prove. -- -- almost trying to criminalize immoral behavior and not bad behavior many civil rights -- criminal. Terrain is already in the Harris County Jail serving time for a marijuana conviction last month. Just the most recent of his drug convictions. None of them however were on the cutting edge of criminal prosecution. Like the charge he now faces.

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{"id":19882575,"title":"Man Faces Charges for Buying Drunken Driver's Drinks","duration":"1:27","description":"Texas officials say Kambiz Duran gave Nicole Baukus alcohol before she was in a fatal crash.","url":"/US/video/man-faces-misdemeanor-charges-for-buying-drunken-drivers-drinks-19882575","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}