March on Washington: Rowland Scherman's Iconic Photos

Edith Lee Payne celebrated her 12th birthday just steps away from Martin Luther King Jr.
2:53 | 08/20/13

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Transcript for March on Washington: Rowland Scherman's Iconic Photos
I lived in Detroit Michigan in the city and west side. Of Detroit my mother took me to see Dexter King in Detroit as well as here in Washington DC. August 28 1963. Plasma twelfth birthday. The buzz on the march on Washington. Started buzzing about a month before hand and as a freelance and beginning freelance and did lot of work for USA and this job came along with the caveat was today. I would get paid twice my -- -- but they would on the negatives formerly National Archives. I said okay and for not knowing at the time that this was -- -- -- -- -- -- Historical moments of the US history. Part of our job here archives in succession preserve and make available records created by federal agencies want rules of the USIA it was kind of document. You know what America was all about to project -- view of the United States overseas through to foreign countries during the Cold War. And I would soon. 2627. Years old and very spry and very athletic and I climbed over everything -- went everywhere I've photographed. Close -- long shots. We're pretty hard that day. If you would and wounding at least take -- phone. -- the photos in. He's off the photos of the march on Washington and this isn't happy. We've the here. I'm learn about the -- about two Linehan used them because I was browsing and -- and it hit calendars in Atlanta which was -- black -- calendar. -- my picture. On the back and she called in -- your pictures -- calendar and -- holding a banner of -- or something so I was just in San. And -- still land. She was one of the front row of the crowd and sort of the left side of where Martin Luther King made that speech and I see. Some people laughing and so people crying and simply -- -- and she was one of the ones not only was she. Beautiful. But she was she was so involved. This is the banner and I hills. August 28 1960 -- -- -- proudly held. Expect McCain and others -- speaking. I tell my grandchildren. That. Actually -- pain. -- was a very significant part of my life this days. Learn about -- -- the day's events here with the -- classmates and their grandmother. Was part of something that's really important. Her picture is used in the and has been used since then has the face of the -- -- he deserves it.

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{"id":20012946,"title":"March on Washington: Rowland Scherman's Iconic Photos","duration":"2:53","description":"Edith Lee Payne celebrated her 12th birthday just steps away from Martin Luther King Jr.","url":"/US/video/march-on-washington-rowland-schermans-iconic-photos-20012946","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}