Meet the Horses of the U.S. Army Old Guard

ABC News' Elizabeth McLaughlin meets the horses that pull the caisson at Arlington National Cemetery.
8:14 | 02/26/16

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Transcript for Meet the Horses of the U.S. Army Old Guard
Down in Washington DC Elizabeth McLaughlin is joining us live from Arlington national cemetery. Four look inside. Unlike you explain this story and it's a really sweet story that a lot of folks out there actually take action on. If they want to Elizabeth and Philip then. Here. Actually. Eat you know that's in east. He. Right here at cemetery rain. And we're actually hits him eat them. It art tight re here. Great year. Kennedy and everything heroes and read these borrowers under an option. And it might Kennedy up for adoption that. He was originally you comparison worth around us towards us and. He doesn't really happy attitude sport guys who were speak so. Enough enough good balance my husband and you. Its outlook before we talk too much about Kennedy and use it where Saddam for adoption Helen. About keep on course is what they view what is your name like I'm sick people and what is resisting every act. They're out there to put anybody here price starts zero or thirty vessels Communists are vulnerable urgent appeal I don't know Acer's. Easy. Those are going to love. Was 31 team goes in Luxembourg. Every election if laud him clean and in the like Andrew and flotilla that yeah take those flaws in this. China attacked. Grass today. And these and they need to shine 340. Eat over 300 pieces of breast. You see progress every person was designed every morning although there is calling me physically I did well in the morning they're coming to protect for a they cleaners I am child everything. And I. Horses are lost in his heart attack. Begin multi. The interesting thing to me is every piece of leather in here for real all in 114. So really you're seeing regular days of two of the current corporate oriented every morning because it takes to do. One team and center. And they're tucked isn't out what it's like to cure all these funeral procession how many day how long hard day each team does. Normally for a day the average greeted bought partnered pretty much. Residents who are between so is usually around. Thirty years or perceptions depending on Billings. And isn't there. Oh we'll let go out in the 82 worth as that he had. Elizabeth Brennan following USC watch here is dissing your figures coming in and out a little bit but we can still hear you just. I but it isn't so old woman looking ahead pictures from the stables Arlington national celebrates a victory against you all tends to exalt. Who also is Minnesota. In the middle children. I repeat that question act. As we capping they view as well as he's all about. Elizabeth is not what the polls is that retiring academy adults it. Yes this is one of those worries that his. I'm at the white techies tell us about this course the government option. Yes the president is 2011 year old former horse gelding. Yes they killer diseases and so that's why Rudolph came out. I spent a few years in the cemetery as a swing and lead a horse on the case on the wagon and I want to come out in the regular meaningful amounts of terrorizing last summer. And common stock from out. Those familiar with regular. But what's important what you tell the whole other thing that people. That it entitles them. That's agree questions if you're interested in adopting a horse you had sixty days to fill out an application on line. And that they are looking for someone you can be a really special BM me. And they actually go out and is it clear he would have the horses' lives and they know that it's agreed environment. And what they tell us more about the application process people can actually come here and visit these courses. Israel would do visiting our normal business are normal. Tour hours are from noon. Or talk. Tuesday through Saturday so anytime during those hours they come in the talkers or as little note there is adopting one of our forces number about Kosovo and obviously we're here. Actually it. Visit with the horses in the no reports. Yeah it is about his pay and asylum it's difficult to adults. A holes. So it is completely free to adopt the course it doesn't cost anything that didn't they application process is extensive sandy do you wanna know that you either courses that they considered. Have police served the nation. And they want to make sure that they can live out their life they worked really hard. It looked at maybe you can help sergeant we have a quick question for him and he showed little bit harvest lovely court. But for folks who haven't had a chance to see what these. These forces actually do I mean these funeral processions are. Breathtakingly. Beautiful and our graceful and elegant absolutely precise and solemn and and these guys go through several a day to gather I'm curious to hear from the sergeant. How difficult it is. You know when he and and the horse these teens have been through so much together. How hard to say goodbye to these horses when it would make you leave there. So they have a question how hard is it to leave of course is actually spent so much time to get you and send any he's you know possessions is it hard to say goodbye. Well I was hadn't yet levels every year seen many guys please them and here is definitely. The deaf and hard transition is similar for the guzzling so Tesco. You sometimes moving with the news loss. You know they give it to us their take on horses variance. So we can show you actually a little lot we can change from the other horses that he had on its BE. So are now walking to the stables they have. A black eye in a white guy that is the black course is. And in the white horses on the other side. We can dig in here and it is yours and yours are you or equity partners worse news accident earth. Murray. Okay that he is the comparison of course for president Ronald Reagan's you know. You bet plays keep him. This is paint. You are under her. Army. Thanks for letting us show you around the Steve we'll funny. He didn't have to initially hear my pain I'm in being cute. Sergeant tightly for showing us around. We're gonna wrap. Bank in any parting words anything like save up of course. Develop updated information on adopting horses on the case on general of the department of baseball's. US army case and just also made always makes hobnobbing and we knew was coming hearing. That is the pulpit. Than we felt that it stables all the it's a national cemetery.

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{"id":37230515,"title":"Meet the Horses of the U.S. Army Old Guard","duration":"8:14","description":"ABC News' Elizabeth McLaughlin meets the horses that pull the caisson at Arlington National Cemetery. ","url":"/US/video/meet-horses-us-army-guard-37230515","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}