Minnesota Man Among Winners in $448 Million Powerball Jackpot

Paul White from Ham Lake, Minn., wins $149.4 million share.
9:59 | 08/08/13

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Transcript for Minnesota Man Among Winners in $448 Million Powerball Jackpot
This is a special report from ABC news. And then veteran New York -- ABC news that the special report we are about to -- what America's newest millionaires out to Minnesota. What -- the winners from last night's powerball jackpot splitting 448. Million dollars let's meet Paul White who went. Little -- -- They would be more than happy to answer questions from many area -- wouldn't commit. -- -- -- This mr. all right yeah. It's and among the. -- -- -- It's crazy and it's that senate a couple of times that it. -- gone through this in my head so many times in my life that you almost feel like it's finally coming true because I'm sure anybody who's ever bought a lottery ticket. Thinks about what they're gonna do with the money the next. All the people -- -- hull and you know and so I feel like it's it's almost been. Siblings and you're naming grief for years about all I talk -- when the lottery someday and I'm actually we just got together not -- -- for my dad's eightieth birthday. We're playing this game but remember the gist -- it exactly what you had to pick who -- the problem matching this description. From the description was their financial plan consists of playing the lottery. A lot of what he kicked my name and they thought it was funny man. Can right now. School. -- Jim my good friends Nancy and Ron actually work with a home run this morning was my boss. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And that's my little brother Phil formula worked just on the streets. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely. It's lucky enough that my parents are still alive just celebrated my dad's birthday when -- 77. Still in decent -- and they don't. Need my money -- and -- and -- I mean. Imagine what it's like his ankle pick out your own heart will go your own faults whatever whatever is one. So it's just that opportunity my dad -- broad picture for -- bought in 196163. First -- -- pay -- for 63 and -- Instrument at home. I'm you'll find car. He's gonna think that's -- -- sailor -- -- -- to. This stuff like that and charity stuff -- -- sister lives in San Francisco very charitable. I'm sure shall have lots of plans. For some of the morning. Com. In all the stuff you don't think about it I feel this pressure off -- Shoulders -- you carry it with you to kiss. My kids playing and you pay for college. You know take care that their health issues all these things don't cover story in some -- -- Yeah I had forgotten my way home we -- getting. Prepared for the weekend basically and Kim's -- mother's visiting and she has -- -- -- -- must. This is a sixteen year old son died. And he loves every chance to -- to drive a car accident on powerball tickets -- speaking to analysts car. She's okay as we drove all the thirtieth and -- About ten dollars tickets and didn't think anything about it until this morning. And Kim cult like 830 she -- are you -- million. Annex council is. I'm not she -- I think the powerball was thirty -- -- pay attention -- mind. -- and I had to 32 was out of five numbers. Well it was an X number 59 inches I think it was she didn't. And then she sent I think five was in their excellence and only got -- -- five. But I'm really busy. To do this -- not usually know we 30000003 numbers have to go through -- -- we -- -- home. Picture their rights and mines department leaders. And everybody's like. What happened so I think ten people verified ticket before -- left office. They -- got to hold it. Doesn't. -- yeah article very cool stuff. I would guess that might be -- party here -- some vacation -- there. -- on your lifestyle and electricity relative or someone and you wanna draw. Mind you the opportunity to do whatever I want I know I can't I'm not going to be most people -- -- -- keep working. -- -- -- everybody else and have to work -- quietly talked to them briefly I'm divorced and they're with their mother this morning and lies on medical -- -- grandfather's. -- on this morning and so they were doing that. Like a severed and ready for the weekend. -- out of talk too much they can believe I can tell -- that I don't think I think the only person. Who I didn't feel thought I was -- -- and -- was my mother's name is Betty White. And I could tell there was maybe a slave. Being convinced staying. But -- -- -- -- there's always been. -- -- -- I told him -- the steroids. And only two weeks when he. Start. -- -- Heavy bottomed out. That scenario in. -- and we've actually all discuss all day. I don't know -- but I can honestly tell you have the faith that this can happen I think from a lot of good things are among this. For not only my family my friends vote for random people in this there's a lot of but -- I don't work for anybody else for us in my life I mean for a paycheck but I don't mind spending my money if I find something. You know any pictures here whatever might be to keep myself busy if you look at making a difference absolutely goes on on that -- -- make -- difference. I am well. Yeah. Yeah. It too much that significantly. We were very busy worker at. And here is excellent excellent. Help now tickets that -- friends before -- -- the other so we'll. We -- electrical contractor at a Minneapolis we do a lot of major electrical construction work done. Target -- We've worked you projects with the light rail going on right now we do hotels. We just didn't -- -- -- the highest. You see it stay -- worked -- and now we're doing the Northrop auditorium right now Wednesday -- -- You know honestly think it's crazy. Food and accurate makes -- -- have an Acura Integra back in 1980 love that little car. Only made this I don't think they make it anymore but it's called and that's acts. And it does this Waldman like 70000. Dollars -- services is well it'll make him anymore and encourage -- -- for a few months. Tickets thirty granite let's go at twelve miles or so that's -- 9192. Or something like that I don't know. -- this well stuff that is one of three new millionaires thanks last night's powerball jackpot that was 440 million dollars. Paul Light from Minneapolis Minnesota he's electrical contractor and frankly if you -- win the lottery you wish someone like this certainly does because this guy's got a story to tell. Hear the details of what -- 149. Million dollars if you took the pay out over thirty years. 869 in a -- son you take up taxes. He's walking away with 58 million dollars and he said one of the first things he'd like to buy. This is how real this guy is an Acura -- that he -- on Craig's -- for 30000 dollars I think with fifty million dollars that's not going to be a problem. Paul -- obviously big smiles today one of three winners. From last night's powerball jackpot -- to other winners sold. At stores in New Jersey we're still waiting for those winners forward. Report. -- come on what mr. white plans Ryan -- those winnings and whether those other two -- Come forward now I'm Dan Gurney or this -- This has been a special. Report from me.

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{"id":19911680,"title":"Minnesota Man Among Winners in $448 Million Powerball Jackpot","duration":"9:59","description":"Paul White from Ham Lake, Minn., wins $149.4 million share.","url":"/US/video/minnesota-man-winners-448-million-powerball-jackpot-19911680","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}