Philadelphia Police Officer Ambushed

A suspect shot at Jesse Hartnett at least 13 times.
0:58 | 01/08/16

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Transcript for Philadelphia Police Officer Ambushed
I am I have up there I've hit the island. Very. Email comes off the sidewalk. And starts firing into this window and driver's side. You know it's closer and closer to the point where he's actually inside the park fire. That some news areas things haven't seen. This guy executed these bills and loans more grave. And any discernible others get up. Yeah art. Fields. Shot three times left on its it's easy to watch. One. Many guns. For many guns. I think our national government should be about. Civilians in harm's way every single day I don't know how to solve this we just wishing well.

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{"id":36164029,"title":"Philadelphia Police Officer Ambushed","duration":"0:58","description":"A suspect shot at Jesse Hartnett at least 13 times.","url":"/US/video/philadelphia-police-officer-ambushed-36164029","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}