Powerball Jackpot: Spending $600 Million in Beverly Hills

Residents discuss what luxuries they would spend lottery winnings on.
1:14 | 05/18/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Powerball Jackpot: Spending $600 Million in Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills is synonymous with wealth. Prestige and exclusivity. Some of -- -- thanks to the powerball. Tourists here to check out the lives of the rich and the famous are now thinking about joining their ranks but would you do with 600 going to buy everything on Rodeo Drive -- -- -- By -- that blocker there will be pretty did it by a couple homes than couple places that go shopping how to yachts Forbes magazine says the average price of the most expensive yacht is 64 million. You could -- nine if you think like. Handbags. Maybe -- -- on the thousand nights diamond purse cost three point eight million dollars a Guinness world record for most expensive handbag. You could buy a 157. Of them one -- -- it -- my friends again top performing cars drive all over the 9021 now a new car I that the guiding down. -- -- here -- there. But enjoyed how about the Cessna citation mustang it retails at two point eight million. You could buy 214. Because of that even the super wealthy are lining up for their lottery tickets at places like 9021 -- wine and spirits data anxious to into arraignment.

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{"id":19208246,"title":"Powerball Jackpot: Spending $600 Million in Beverly Hills","duration":"1:14","description":"Residents discuss what luxuries they would spend lottery winnings on.","url":"/US/video/powerball-jackpot-spending-600-million-beverly-hills-19208246","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}