Runner, 9, to Do Antarctica Marathon

Looking to raise money for charity, a 9-year-old will run a marathon on every continent.
1:34 | 02/19/13

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Transcript for Runner, 9, to Do Antarctica Marathon
There are plenty of nine year old who go out running with their dads may -- a few -- run marathons but there is only 19 year old we know of who was about to run a marathon in Antarctica. -- nine year old -- to check he lives near Westchester. -- think it's really careful and I'm really excited. And I don't want to -- -- penguin. Nicholas says he's been running seriously since he was six the nine year old enjoy skating hockey and playing baseball but he easy stated goal to run a marathon on every one of the seven continents that makes even the most ambitious of us feel like slackers. His dad a doctor and -- partners as nick has always been our goal oriented and really in Alaska we are subtleties -- one -- of running. But isn't safe for growing kids take up long distance running could cause long term -- -- -- pediatric crayons look at him test him. Pediatrics sports medicine doctors at top. Making sure that his treatment training -- -- -- is. A cautious line. Nicholas has a web site and a fund raising mission every dollar to go to operation -- charity -- fifteen years ago by his grandfather it provides coats to impoverished children. His big sister Sophia it seems like many little Brothers hers can be a past when she's really wondering mountain I think it's really cool it he's standing. -- helping addicts in fifteens and Nicholas and his -- leave for Antarctica Friday the race is Monday. And the expected temperature of between 35 degrees will remember -- summer there would in Westchester John Rawlins channel six action news.

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{"id":18534713,"title":"Runner, 9, to Do Antarctica Marathon","duration":"1:34","description":"Looking to raise money for charity, a 9-year-old will run a marathon on every continent.","url":"/US/video/runner-antarctica-marathon-18534713","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}