San Francisco 49ers' New Stadium Gets Menu Overhaul

Levi's Stadium's catering company will offer antibiotic, hormone-free hot dogs and vegan fare.
1:53 | 07/14/14

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Transcript for San Francisco 49ers' New Stadium Gets Menu Overhaul
It may not be the French laundry but let's just say -- -- seek seems like an appropriate word to describe the food forty -- fans will come across inside the new stadium. -- Reason -- we have Indian news -- again. Barbecue sauces. There is of course -- is thinking of doing away with tradition here. Except that this made to speed the healthiest dog you've ever tried. It's an antibiotic and hormone free means. The natural casing they're actually hung in smoke which is something that's unusual for for -- hot dog at a stadium. Ryan Stone has traveled around the world as a chef before landing this job. He loves -- that's on the -- so don't ask them which one is his favorite. An unelected Palestinian apparent soon three to pick their favorite sound. It's not there. -- -- begins there will be no tofu served here instead they'll have things like portabella mushrooms on a -- to bond. The food preparation will be done in the main kitchen the final meals will be -- right at the concession stands to ensure that everything is fresh. The Zack Hensley is the general manager of center plagued the company running this show we have 33 -- concession stand and we have another 64 portal. Portable concessions there will be sixteen huge wood stoves pizza ovens and get this. More than 1000. Beer taps. Among the main attractions other club -- houses seven in all each with its own kitchen and bar. We offer everything that -- want and a facility is offered in this and we was really important for us to take. Our menu that we offer at the general areas and bring -- into the clubs is well. On game days more than 2000 employees will be serving fans the first forty niners game at Levi's stadium will be on August 7. For a pre season game against the Baltimore Ravens. In Santa Clara -- Melendez ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"id":24554232,"title":"San Francisco 49ers' New Stadium Gets Menu Overhaul","duration":"1:53","description":"Levi's Stadium's catering company will offer antibiotic, hormone-free hot dogs and vegan fare. ","url":"/US/video/san-francisco-49ers-stadium-menu-overhaul-24554232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}