'Sandy Relief Ale' Brewed for Storm Victims Charity

Eight Long Island breweries collaborate on "Surge Protector" pale ale to raise money for recovery effort.
3:00 | 01/11/13

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Transcript for 'Sandy Relief Ale' Brewed for Storm Victims Charity
It's not too often you can say that -- drinking beer for charity but now you can't it's called surge protectors in deep relief failed to real true collaboration -- craft breweries on Long Island came together and created the -- One goal to raise money for those on the island still recovering from super storm CNB. One of those is one of their own -- brewing company in Oceanside that was wiped panel by the storm. We are stronger together than we are separate. And this is a good demonstration of that eight breweries donated all the ingredients the main ingredients of the Barley and -- world chipped in by everybody and collaborated on the recipe it's very copy so it has the citrus and pine flavors of the -- it was -- Bottled. And labeled at blue point brewing company in past jobs. The buzz is definitely starting -- To build I think people are going to be -- does finally come -- All of the -- will be given to a distributor here on Long Island who will -- appear to local beer stores. Although money that the distributor collects will be given to burial grueling and Long Island -- -- -- -- -- -- in the stores beginning January 20 seconds.

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{"id":18191142,"title":"'Sandy Relief Ale' Brewed for Storm Victims Charity","duration":"3:00","description":"Eight Long Island breweries collaborate on \"Surge Protector\" pale ale to raise money for recovery effort.","url":"/US/video/sandy-relief-ale-brewed-storm-victims-charity-18191142","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}