Scott Kelly: Travel to Mars 'Clearly Doable'

After 300+ days in micro-gravity, Kelly knows this: "space is hard."
3:19 | 02/24/16

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Transcript for Scott Kelly: Travel to Mars 'Clearly Doable'
I'm David curly from ABC news and are looking at a picture of commander Scott Kelly. The American news spent the most time in space 250. Miles up on the International Space Station. And as he's preparing to wrap up its mission we got a chance to speak with. Could Chad eyewitness got. Commander Kelly are you ready to come home. Com I'm ready to come on the -- it's not like him climb in the walls or anything to get out of here you know I recognize the importance of what we're. We're doing on the space station in you know I feel like it's a privilege but. The same time I'd been up here for really long time it'll be great to get actor's long duration flight this was all about seeing whether humans can go to Mars. I know we don't have all the data but can we make it to Mars can you do it could another human do it from my you know subjective perspective I think absolutely. I feel I feel great but you know there are challenges is missing with radiation between between yours and ours that we need two. Work on overcoming but it something that I hope the scene in my lifetime. We talk with you and your brother in the twin study in Houston but you get the easy part of this. Either release part time clock are tracking his body and your body during your time and space usage you have the fun part. How's it worked out this is hard you know spaces aren't Livan appearances. At city. You know it's tough environment. Your network all the time he never lead and never got signed. But I wouldn't trade places with them for anything thoroughly enjoyed it needs the united green challenge this thing I like about -- spaces at this stuff is ardent Nazi. Since satisfaction against them from being. Doing its job and being successful he told you we're gonna hit a wall you knew you would hit a wall. Did you hit that ball how did you get through. And how did you feel about getting through what what got you through. I was fortunate that I did not appear before for a 169 days and I think I knew myself pretty well in what it would take me. With regards to like having a good pace him you know support from people on the ground. I really haven't hit a wall yet I wanted to get the end of this week you know as much energy enthusiasm that happened at the beginning immense. Now I still feel so if an article all in an accident 767. Days six I'm. Home for a lightning round when you get home. Bare feet in grass or sand I think gas and grass would be nice my first. Choice. But I'll be in Kazakhstan so you know might have to be sand or dust. It took a lot of pictures some amazing photographs what place on earth have you seen from space that you've not into do you wanna get to visit when you come home. I think it my attitude is one place I would go up and in the foothills on the you know in the northeastern side and an alliance peace or filet mignon. Obviously filet mignon but. The only missed a debt much. At least I'm I miss the experience more of you know sitting at a table with friends and family and I do actually. In all the different types of flu that I had missed them here. Commander Kelly thanks very much congratulations look forward to seeing you back here on the planet.

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{"id":37175645,"title":"Scott Kelly: Travel to Mars 'Clearly Doable' ","duration":"3:19","description":"After 300+ days in micro-gravity, Kelly knows this: \"space is hard.\"","url":"/US/video/scott-kelly-travel-mars-doable-37175645","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}