Last Superstorm Sandy Rescued Dog Needs Home

Bruno, an adult Rottweiler, is available for adoption from a New York shelter.
3:00 | 03/15/13

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Transcript for Last Superstorm Sandy Rescued Dog Needs Home
If you're in the market for a -- have we got a dog for you a dog with quite a back story a survivor of super storm sandy. He in his owner like hundreds of others were made homeless but unlike most others. This handsome pooch four and a half months later is still without a home. And now we asked to find one. Fast. His name is Bruno and he's the last of the breed not a Rottweiler but of the 500 pets that survives super -- sandy. But were along with their owners left homeless. They were brought to this ASPCA emergency shelter in Mineola and -- -- All of them now either returned to their owners. Or placed in new homes all of them. -- -- Bruno is still without a home he is big and he's beautiful. And yes maybe -- Handel for some people but maybe may be for the right person the right family just the -- they're looking for. But there's a deadline because at this shelter is closing next to. This crew will not be euthanized but we need to we have a -- -- -- -- -- Bruno for another week. But -- been here for a long time on this for months he needs to go home sit next to somebody -- federal far. Bruno's former owner a man named Christopher we can't take him back he lost his home to sandy and then his job and now he's lost his -- The shelter can't stay open of course for just one dog until now a desperate search. For an adoptive family for Bruno on the agency's web site -- a personal ad for Prudhoe that's really most personal appeal. A good intelligent Roddy says the adoption plea. Who walks well and would do good with somebody who truly understands the breed. As he has his stubborn moments. But really don't we all right brutal can be yours but. -- much time next -- the deadline if your interest that you can contact the AS PC -- these children in Mineola we have a -- to them on the home page of our website. Seven on line good luck man and a beloved dog lovers have asked hopefully company home about a look forward -- that update gets home.

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{"id":18738913,"title":"Last Superstorm Sandy Rescued Dog Needs Home","duration":"3:00","description":"Bruno, an adult Rottweiler, is available for adoption from a New York shelter.","url":"/US/video/superstorm-sandy-rescued-dog-home-18738913","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}