Uncle of murdered young man speaks out

Craig Patrick says he would rather see the killer of his nephew Jimi Patrick "growing old in a cage" instead of receiving the death penalty.
1:33 | 07/15/17

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Transcript for Uncle of murdered young man speaks out
I have an eighteen year old son so I am upset. Deeply inside. For everybody that's come out there is compassion for the victims' families and horror at the thus prevent the people but analysts. You're speechless on these things just don't know what say you. But it happens all the time and you and you just shake your head and say. Have no reason behind. With murder charges lodged against Cosmo DiNardo and he's accused accomplish on cracks some family members are reacting to the deet tails of their loved ones gruesome murders. I spoke today by phone with the Seattle based on goal of nineteen year old Jimmy Patrick of new tam. Quirky bulk. But it didn't adopt a lot of doubt at all due to find the clerk bodies used to cover up. Patrick says he's okay with the deal that's allowing Cosmo DiNardo to avoid the death penalty in exchange for his confession. It led to locating his nephew Jimmy's grade more than a half mile away from where the others were buried. I don't Obey it this hour rather. It. But at next year's not worked well well each. Others wish the suspects would face the death penalty the figure for finger you know arrival for a novel. They and that definitely when it's slow tomorrow we stated I wish they didn't kill four people. It's affecting. The real problem as a prior to implement the hope is really just drug issue.

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{"id":48655232,"title":"Uncle of murdered young man speaks out","duration":"1:33","description":"Craig Patrick says he would rather see the killer of his nephew Jimi Patrick \"growing old in a cage\" instead of receiving the death penalty.","url":"/US/video/uncle-murdered-young-man-speaks-48655232","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}