Witness Recounts Harrowing Details of Machete Attack

Tracy was in the restaurant when the assailant started cutting people.
1:26 | 02/12/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Witness Recounts Harrowing Details of Machete Attack
I'm my wife just called it direct argue that they're god in the restaurant Utley people. Describe to me that moment you're standing there waiting for dinner. What happens. So I just paid for my neon. And Italy's Terri hearing some screenings. And I turned around and there's a gentleman behind the and photographers. With Tina studies in the airline each hands. And basically going down the entire Borough of they use in the restaurant. And just hitting everybody with a machetes. These dispersing and went through my head was. You know I see this on to heal a time but you never they think it's gonna happen to you he was just literally. But you and I are standing here with the ninth just going since he wouldn't table. And semen Aron cutting people there's blood everywhere from multiple people from. You know on signs to tables to the floor and there are few people that were hurt pretty bad debt had been laying on the floor until the paramedics arrived I thought to myself that you know any known unneeded knife in my back I didn't hear him say a word he didn't even really tried to escape quickly. He just kind of hung out in the parking lot for awhile and was you know. Still tiny some of that customers and waving his you know nice in the Aaron he just kind of drove off. They dislike just kind of calm about him and make no fear.

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{"id":36906671,"title":"Witness Recounts Harrowing Details of Machete Attack","duration":"1:26","description":"Tracy was in the restaurant when the assailant started cutting people.","url":"/US/video/witness-recounts-harrowing-details-machete-attack-36906671","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}