New York Police Search for Missing Jet Skiers

Man, 44, and woman, 29, overturned in the waters of Coney Island Creek on July Fourth.
2:24 | 07/05/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New York Police Search for Missing Jet Skiers
In Brooklyn -- recovery effort underway in the waters off of Coney Island after two people disappeared. In a jet skiing accident Eyewitness News reporter Matt -- are spent. Following the search since early this morning he's like now with the latest -- you don't have -- Hello can be -- up all morning we've been watching the Coast Guard and NYPD scuba team you can see right behind me harbor patrol they have been scouring. What is called the Coney Island creek for the bodies of the men and woman. Who develop their jet -- yesterday they have been taking turns the divers searching the waters unfortunately they have not recovered anything yeah. Since 3 this morning Michael Tom's been staring at the inlet -- his older brother went under water he's been hoping to see a sign of life. But -- -- minute stretch into hours the police -- forced 44 year old brother became less of a rescue and more of a recovery mission. Very good swimmer and great swimmer. And. -- -- -- -- There was no -- coming out without -- Tom watched as the NYPD scuba teams searched the dark murky waters. Harbor patrol made several passes around the inlet searching for the victims 44 year old -- tall and 29 year old CC -- But nothing. He -- the waters -- of fishing heroes. -- -- During a festive fourth of July celebration on Coney Island. Friends Tom and -- were riding together on a jet skiing near west 31 and debut avenue -- -- fell over after a sharp turn and went underwater. Tom jumped in to rescue her but neither resurfaced. The NYPD Coast Guard and FDNY spent hours trying to find it here Monday night but called off the search around midnight. News of the jet skiers disappearance had spread along the beaches of Coney Island. Abdul -- and his friends made sure they were all wearing life vest when they took out their -- early this morning. Just isn't a pretty fast it is -- the waves are pretty -- crazy you know like. -- -- life jackets 100% no matter what John only neon but they could get a bit crazy. -- -- -- Coney Island creek is littered with tugboats and barges that -- used as salvage in the 1960s. On top of that there are also broken holds a navigational buoys underwater. Couple that with the currents and that's making this search very typical. Reporting live Coney Island that those -- channel seven eyewitness.

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{"id":19587463,"title":"New York Police Search for Missing Jet Skiers","duration":"2:24","description":"Man, 44, and woman, 29, overturned in the waters of Coney Island Creek on July Fourth.","url":"/US/video/york-police-search-missing-jet-skiers-19587463","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}