'I Call It Natural': What One White Separatist Claims Would Make a Better America


Of course, Heimbach faces a lot of angry scrutiny for being so outspoken about his views. When he and his friend, Klansman Thomas Buhls went on a recruiting trip to Indiana University in Bloomington, a group of student protestors went after them with water hoses. It was at the same university where, a decade earlier, white supremacist Benjamin Nathaniel Smith went on a two-day shooting spree, eventually killing himself.

"When you become the most hated man on campus, that does put a strain on relationships, both romantic and family," Heimbach said. "It's one of those weird things where people hate me because I'm kind of like a bogeyman."

But Heimbach's recruiting efforts have led to unexpected alliances, such as with Dawah Bayn Yisrael, a militant black advocate who has called white people the devil and once praised the Boston marathon bombings as white America's getting what it deserved. Heimbach feels he has an ally in Yisrael, someone else who believes the races must be separate.

"I think it's really important to reach out to black nationalists," Heimbach said. "You can't work together if you don't ... sit down and have these discussions about issues, where we have common interest."

They are, in many ways, two sides of the same coin: Heimbach's views on race were shaped, in part, by reading history, whereas Yisrael's were shaped by his experience as a Gulf War veteran.

"When I was sitting there in Iraq ... the Arabs ... would be saying, 'Hey, you black soldier sitting in the corner, why are you here fighting the white man's war?" Yisrael said.

While on his outreach campaign, Heimbach also went to Indianapolis to meet with Reverend Mmoja Ajabu, a former Black Panther militia and Black Nationalist, who is now an ordained minister running for a seat in the United States Congress. Reverend Ajabu said his world view was crystallized when his son was convicted of murder, a crime which Ajabu insists his son didn't commit.

"That goes on every day [in] a courtroom," Ajabu said. "If they're white ... there is respect, but if the defendant is black, it is, 'Sit down, shut up, you ain't got nothing to say.' ... It's a whole different world."

Heimback and Ajabu found a common enemy in corporate America, with Heimbach suggesting during their meeting that they "hang a couple of bankers" and "get rid of the international elites."

Ajabu agrees with Heimbach's vision of the future, that after the races separate, and after their common enemies are dealt with, it will finally be time to deal with each other.

"That's why I can work, for instance, with a Black Nationalist," Heimbach said. "I can't stand working with white people that are traitors, because traitors, they have betrayed us, they're cowards. I see only one place for them -- in a ditch."

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