Wild Pigs Target of Federal Government Plan for Eradication


While they can typically be eaten, the difficulty with this plan would be moving and caring for the carcasses fast enough for them to still be edible. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said that all pigs would either be euthanized on-site or taken off-site to be euthanized, and that the carcasses would be properly disposed of according to local or state statutes.

Kevin Brennan, a wildlife biologist with California Department of Fish and Game said that even though the Forest Service wants to eradicate the animals, this is nearly impossible.

"It's like trying to bail the ocean or build sand castles -- the waves will keep coming," said Brennan. He thinks it may be possible to better control the problem, but not to wipe out the pigs.

From now until June 26, the plan is open for public comment before further steps are taken.

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