Woman's Facebook Plea Finds Brother She's Missed Since Childhood

"I was just crying uncontrollably for about three hours. I fall to pieces talking about it," Mauer said. "It's really possible, nothing is off forever," Mauer said, "if you can't go a day without thinking of somebody, it's proof they should be in their life."

All these years she's wondered if her brother ever thought about her and her twin sister. In a response through Facebook messaging, Isaiah wrote, "I've spent the last 12 years telling everybody about my sisters."

"That melted my heart," Mauer said.

Adopted by a same-sex family, Isaiah has two dads. One of her last memories of Isaiah was a meeting at the park after he had come back from staying with a prospective family. "He was so excited and he kept mentioning there were two dads, no moms, just two dads," she said.

One sibling down, one more to go. Mauer is waiting until their youngest sister Sarah turns 18 to find her. "I don't want to step on their adoptive family's toes," Mauer explains the significance of the number 18. "If I wait until they're an adult, they can decide if they want to have me in their lives."

"I just want to hug him, I just want to see him, hear his voice, just be around him, and feel his presence," Mauer said. "I think it will just be a rush of emotions and I will be rendered speechless," but Mauer says that she is excited to start a future with her brother in her life going forward.

"Facebook can be a way for a lot of people to find who they're looking for," Mauer said hoping that her story will inspire others to start their search as well.

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