The Conversation: The Boycott BP Movement

VIDEO: Political Reset? Obama to Visit Gulf Coast and Address Nation on Oil Spill, BP

As the Gulf oil spill oozes into day 56, more Americans are growing frustrated with BP's response to the spill. BP officials say they are doing everything in their power to stop the leak, and are increasing the amount of oil they are capturing daily. Still more oil continues to spew out and wash up on the shores lines of the Gulf states.

In response to the spill, more and more people are venting their frustration at the situation by joining a popular Facebook page entitled "Boycott BP." The page has over 600,000 members and has become a sounding board for people to vent their anger, pictures they have taken on the Gulf, or get news updates on what is going on along the coast.

VIDEO: Political Reset? Obama to Visit Gulf Coast and Address Nation on Oil Spill, BP

In today's Conversation ABC's Diane Sawyer spoke with Lee Perkins, who started the page as a way to air his frustration about the oil spill. Perkins, who lives in Louisiana, is hoping that his page helps hold BP accountable to fix the leak, clean-up the Gulf coast and compensate the thousands of people who have lost their livelihoods because of the spill.

Sawyer and Perkins also discuss the argument that by boycotting BP gas stations the only person being hurt is the franchise owners. It is an argument Perkins does not agree with. Perkins hopes to get franchise owners to switch their stations to another oil company and also hopes that his Facebook page will make others realize our dependence on oil.

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