Is Natural Gas a Cleaner Alternative Energy or a Danger to Communities?

John Hanger, Pennsylvania's DEP secretary, says he has already called for full disclosure but he is still waiting. Cabot Oil and Gas recycles its wastewater but there have been surface spills of frack fluid in Dimock. In the meantime the company is being forced to seal its problem wells.

"We live here. We work here and we wanna do well by the people here," said Cabot spokesman George Stark, pointing out the company has brought well-paying jobs to the area. Local business owners agree the area needs an economic boost.

"I think it would be a catastrophic effect if they stopped drilling," said Gretchen Backer, owner of nearby Inn at Montrose. "As long as the gas companies are regulated it's gonna trickle down and everybody's gonna feel the great effects that this gas industry is bringing to Susquehanna County.

After multiple fines and a halt to new drilling, the state hopes Cabot Oil and gas has finally gotten the message.

"If they don't get the message and fix the problem," Hanger said, "with this frankly two by four across the head, then I don't know what's left other than closing this operation down in this state."

The Dimock residents whose wells were contaminated are now suing the company. They had to vent their wells to avoid more explosions. Some also are buying bottled water, using elaborate filtration systems, and getting daily deliveries of water from the gas company.

For Dimock resident Victoria Switzer, Cabot Oil and Gas gets no second chance.

"I want them out of my state. I want them to go back to Texas. I want them gone," said Switzer.

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