TRANSCRIPT: Charles Gibson Interviews President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: Uh -- [LAUGHS] …representing the greatest country on the face of the earth is one of the greatest…parts of being President. Seeing the heroic acts that Americans do on a daily basis, I was in a food bank in Richmond yesterday. And, the woman running the food bank I would describe as dedicated, focused and spunky. And, just so proud of her work. Being -- be -- being the commander-in-chief of a military, of decent, honorable, intelligence, courageous people who volunteer in the face of combat, and, and face the danger. I mean there's a lot that is good about this, I can't -- I don't think you can single out one thing --

CHARLES GIBSON: Do you think about legacy?

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: You know, I -- I tell people I read three books on Washington last year and if they're still writing on the first guy the 43rd guy isn't gonna be around to see it.


PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: And I really bu -- I really mean that, I spent a lotta time reading about Abraham Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln had no earthly idea that the Gettysburg Address was a great speech. All he knew is after having given it, he was condemned by a press corps that thought the person that preceded him was much better. Because it, it, because of the length that his, of his predecessor's speech. You know, history, it's just, it, I, I've always felt that there needs to be a long leash to history. That you can't judge a administration, immediately. And, particularly one that has pushed hard for some big ideas, like, like, my administration has done.

CHARLES GIBSON: You just, it didn't get much notice, but you just celebrated your 30th wedding anniversary --


CHARLES GIBSON: Congratulations.

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: Thank you very much.

CHARLES GIBSON: And may there be 30 more.

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: Thank you, sir --

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: Thank you so much.

CHARLES GIBSON: What do you know about marriage now, that you didn't know 30 years ago.

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: Well, a lot I think but … I don't know, I mean I think when we decided to get married 30 years ago even though we only dated such a brief time I think we knew we would have this kind of close relationship. And we didn't know we'd have two girls, and, we're very thankful for them, that's always what I'm thankful most at Thanksgiving for because their birthday is this weekend. So that's what I'm reminded of every Thanksgiving.

CHARLES GIBSON: And, and does the pressures of the presidency, and being under the klieg lights … does it bring a couple together or does it put strains on the marriage.

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: I think it really brings us together.

PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH: Yeah. I think so too. It depends on the strength of the marriage. A weak marriage'll be torn apart by the pressures. I would suspect. A strong marriage, gets stronger.

CHARLES GIBSON: And will there be a White House wedding? Not decided yet?

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: We haven't decided --

CHARLES GIBSON: Gonna work it out this weekend?


FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: [LAUGHS] Maybe, hopefully, maybe we can discuss it.

CHARLES GIBSON: Was it in the --

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: She just came off the book tour so we haven't …

CHARLES GIBSON: Gotten there?

FIRST LADY LAURA BUSH: Made any plans --

CHARLES GIBSON: Was it in this room that he --

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