The Conversation: The Most Awesome Thing Ever?

Oxygen versus Internet. Lasers versus naps. Chocolate versus sunlight.

These are just some of the countless battles that a new website has decided to settle once and for all. The Most Awesomest Thing Ever pits pretty much every item one could possibly imagine -- and a couple you couldn't -- against one another in bataille royale.

VIDEO: John Berman takes a stab at picking the most awesome things ever. Play

The current reigning champion is no real surprise -- the Internet -- with 6,204 wins and 1,002 losses.

The digital creative agency Big Spaceship launched the site last Thursday, and already office workers across the country find themselves wasting thousands of hours choosing among Kanye West, cilantro, Silly Putty, light sabers (the real kind).

In today's Conversation, ABC's John Berman gets to the bottom of what really makes something the awesomest thing ever by talking with Big Spaceship CEO Michael Lebowitz. Find out how this "awesome" website was born, and what's in store for this digital battle zone.

After you've watched this, chances are you too will be wondering, "What is more awesome: Sudoku or Ancient Rome?"