Pediatrician's Office Looked Like Playground, Was Allegedly Scene of Abuse

Dr. Earl Bradley's office looks like a playground, a place thousands of parents in the small town of Lewes, Del., felt safe bringing their children.

The 56-year-old pediatrician now stands accused of sexually assaulting seven children in the last year, and possibly more than 100 over a period of 11 years.

Bradley is being held in the Vaughn Correctional Center on a $2.9 million cash bond after he was charged with 33 felony counts, including rape and sexual exploitation of a child, stemming from incidents at his Lewes practice, BayBees Pediatrics.

VIDEO: Dr. Earl Bradley is accused of molesting patients as young as 3 months old.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden told that "this is a very very troubling case, and we here in the state of Delaware are pursuing it aggressively to the fullest extent of the law."

"The thing that makes this case so troubling and horrific is the alleged abuse of trust in this matter," Biden said. "These are highly specialized cases where no one in the community could believe someone could do this to a child, to a child who is voiceless."

Biden said that some of the alleged victims were just months old. If convicted, Bradley could face life in prison, according to Biden.

"Both as an attorney general and a father of two children it shocks the conscience," said Biden. "But I'd like to take this opportunity to tell parents that we are doing everything in our power to pursue this case to the fullest extent of the law.

"One, you have a person in a position of trust who we entrust our children to, and two, you have children who are sometimes unable to verbalize that something bad has happened to them," Biden said.

According to court documents, Bradley lured children away from their parents, bringing them to a room filled with candy and toys. There, he would allegedly videotape his assaults on children, prosecutors said.

According to court documents obtained by, the investigation was spurred after a 2-year-old girl told her mother that Bradley had touched her genitals and "hurt her" during a Dec. 7 appointment.

Bradley was supposed to appear at a preliminary hearing Wednesday, but it was rescheduled for Jan. 14, 2010, after Bradley was reportedly put on suicide watch.

The attorney representing Bradley, Eugene Maurer, called the suicide reports "bogus" in an interview with ABC News and said that his client is actually just isolated in the prison infirmary.

However, he said: "It seems to me that we need to do a very rigorous exploration of his mental health and see if there's any pathology there. This case kind of cries out for that kind of analysis."

Bradley was also licensed in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Florida. No charges have been filed against him in any of those states, but Delaware officials have contacted authorities there about the pediatrician.

Psychiatrists say Bradley may have targeted this small town because he thought he could build trust easily, and had a solo practice where he had complete control.

"If you look at the office, he created a Neverland of pediatrics," forensic psychiatrist Dr. Michael Welner said. "By the time we get to 56 years old, he worked out the kinks … how to take advantage of them and keep taking advantage of them."

It's estimated that 90 percent of children who are sexually assaulted are targeted by people they know. It is standard practice for parents to stay with their pre-teen children during medical examinations.

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