Cops Watched Ray Clark Scrub Floor Drain at Yale Murder Scene

Using a DNA sample from Le, authorities matched the blood on the box of wipes to the victim.

Investigators spoke to Clark, who they say approached them, and told officers that he had only known Le for four months and that he had seen her leave the building on the day she went missing 15 minutes before him and before a fire alarm cleared the building.

Clark also told investigators that the scratch on his face and bicep was from one of his cats, according to the documents.

Investigators found a rubber glove with blood-like stains, a sock with hairs and blood inside a drop ceiling that was in the hallway outside the lab area where the two worked. A pair of boots labeled "Ray-C" was also found in the area.

Chemical analysis uncovered "blood-like stains that had been cleaned off" in one room, and a "possible medium velocity blood-like spray pattern on the wall" in another that the accused murderer had "attempted to clean.

On Sept. 13, investigators inspected the locker room near the lab and discovered "an odor similar to that of a decomposing body," which led them to the lifeless body of Le hidden in the wall behind the toilet.

Upon removing the panel of the mechanical chase -- a hollow section of the wall -- investigators "observed blood-like smears throughout the opening, behind the door frame, on pipe insulation and the access panel. Insulation had been removed from the inside of the wall to make room for Le's body, according to the documents.

Details of how Le's body was found are redacted in the warrant, other than the victim was found wearing surgical rubber gloves on both hands, with only her left thumb exposed. Along with Le's body, a green ink pen, stained lab coat and a sock were also found in the wall cavity.

Ray Clark Due Back in Court Next Month in Yale Murder Case

A colored bead and a broken string were also found on Le's clothing. A similar bead was found in the lab during the investigation.

Surveillence video showed Clark changing his clothing several times on the day Le was murdered – noticed only by the fact that the color of the draw string on his scrubs changed between the time he enetered the building to when he left. Bloodied scrubs were found with Clark's boots, according to the documents.

The judge ruled on Nov. 6 that the documents be released, over the objections of both Clark's lawyers and the state attorney.

Clark is due back in court next month. He has not yet entered a plea. His public defenders say they plan to plead not guilty, but they are waiting to see more evidence before they decide whether to request a hearing that would require state attorneys to present proof of probable cause.

ABC News' Don Ennis contributed to this report

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