The Conversation: Health Care Reform Rock

VIDEO: ABCs David Muir chats with Ezra Klein health care reform

Health care reform continues to be front and center in the world of politics, as President Obama heads to Iowa today to continue promoting the health care legislation he signed into law Tuesday.

Meanwhile, Republican senators won a small victory overnight when it was decided that two issues in the reconciliation bill needed to be altered. Now the House plans to revote on the bill, continuing the Beltway health care saga for at least a day or two.

In today's Conversation, ABC's David Muir spoke with Washington Post reporter Ezra Klein about the final stage of the health care bill. Republicans seem to have stalled the process, but at the end of the day, will this new vote really matter? Who benefits the most from the passage of health care reform? And will Klein be willing to sing a classic "School House Rock" song?

All these questions will be answered in today's "Conversation"!!

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