House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on the Health Care Bill

NANCY PELOSI: Well, I think his motive is that there will not be an expansion of health care for all Americans with a government involvement in regulating the insurance companies. But you have to ask him about his mot -- I really don't question people's motivation. I just comment on their actions. And what President Obama has done in all of this, with his summit a few weeks ago, is to make the -- that distinction. Main difference between the Democrats and the Republicans is we want to regulate the insurance companies, the Republicans do not. We want to end discrimin -- denial of -- of coverage on the basis of preexisting conditions. We want to stop them from -- cutting off coverage because a person's become sick or rescinding coverage as they're on their way to the operating room. We want to have -- being a woman not be a preexisting medical condition. That and many other of these concerns -- are what the insurance companies want to maintain. We want to change that. And that's the main difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.

DIANE SAWYER: The two big challenges imminently, first one, what if the Senate comes back and -- and alters the Medicare adjustments that you've made? Medicare cuts that you have made and certain provisions of it? And they have said they're going to do that. Will you -- will the House vote again?

NANCY PELOSI: Well, let's say --

DIANE SAWYER: Will you win (?) it?

NANCY PELOSI: One of the reasons we did not want that infamous motion to recommit to prevail is it would have gutted the bill. But it would have also upset -- the agreement that we had that this bill will phase $1.3 trillion for the taxpayer. That it will insure 32 million Americans. And that it will hold the insurance companies accountable. So, I believe that whatever the Senate sends us -- that will -- however they pass this bill, I don't see how they get 60 votes to change any of those things. But -- again -- we're confident as we go forward that we're ready to take the vote. Confident that they would pass the vote.

DIANE SAWYER: Another challenge ahead. Thirty-four states now are looking at provisions or in the State of Virginia, Wednesday, the Governor's going to sign it, saying that it is unconstitutional to --

NANCY PELOSI: Right, again.

DIANE SAWYER: --to have a fine for not getting insurance. That the Federal Government cannot impose that on the States.

NANCY PELOSI: Well, we feel confident about what is in the bill. And we know that there is, again, a philosophical difference. The same people who opposed Medicare, because it was an increased government roll in health care in America are opposing this. And this is quite different. This is very private sector oriented. Medicare is private sector, this is more private sector oriented. So, those same people who do not believe in a government role will -- come forward. But we believe that what is in our bill -- is the right path to go. That we're confident about it. And you always get -- those who want to stop the bill to take this course of action.

DIANE SAWYER: Not worried about constitutional challenges?

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