Chicken Soup for the Web Soul

Among the things you can find posted by elderly Americans are performances by Mississippi's Gulfport Senior Citizens Harmonica Club, a video by 92-year-old Paul Goodman plunking out a jazz tune on the miniature piano he built himself, and a rather whimsical videoblog called "I can't open this" in which 81-year-old Millie Garfield seeks her son's help, well, opening such things as a coffee can lid.

"You're getting a kind of lower production value," Sowow said, "but sort of a very authentic slice of life that never really comes through in conventional, very polished television. It's just a natural extension of cheap video production tools, easy ways to share it, and our sort of deep human need to tell our stories."

It's a culinary — and cultural — legacy Scher shares with people she'll never know; people she'll never meet. For Scher, that legacy is food lovingly made.

"It's unbelievable," she said, relaxing on the living room couch with her grandson beside her. "I never realized the need. It seems the young people out of college, and young adults, they're busy, and they want to cook. I feel I make nourishing foods, and make it easy for them, and we've got a lot of compliments back, and it gives me more encouragement to continue."

Stay tuned. The videotaped wisdom and experiences of experienced Americans are coming soon to a Web site near you.

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