Jamie Dimon Stirs Outcry From College Students

"Students now have the opportunity to hone a skill related to their major to get a job out in the corporate world," he said. "That's why kids come to college.

"The fact that [Dimon] was able to come in to this financial crisis with a decent bank and come out with a stronger one just shows his leadership, and he'll have something motivational to say for students on their last day on campus," Stefanski added.

Inspiration or 'Bad Role Model'?

Ransom and Stefanski defended Dimon in an op-ed article in "The Daily Orange," writing that he "was able to make JPMorgan one of the best banks on the street, while saving the nearly one-quarter million jobs that would have been lost if JPMorgan were to go under like Lehman or Bear Stearns. ... Dimon is also respected by President Obama (whom the majority of our student body either supported or voted for)."

"We were reading what most of these kids were writing and it just didn't make sense," Stefanski said.

To the argument that students don't want to hear the words of a man whose bank offered them loans, he said, "if they didn't owe money to this commencement speaker, chances are they wouldn't be in college."

Many still disagree.

In Fiedler's eyes, Stefanski's statement is not such an easy comment to make.

"People have to pay interest on those loans and pay them back, and now Jamie Dimon is working towards fighting legislation to build up more banking regulations," she said.

"A commencement speaker needs to uphold other principles besides someone who's interesting," Fiedler added.

Some students already are planning on not attending commencement, and the online petition now has over 1,000 signatures. One commenter wrote, "Jamie Dimon is a bad role model to Americans who paid $1.9 billion to WAMU. I hope justice is on our side. He is not above the law."

Though Coulombe, who signed the petition, still plans on attending commencement ceremonies, she may tune out for the speech.

"Whether or not I listen to him when I'm there is my own choice," she said, "and I am planning on attending so I can celebrate with my friends. But perhaps my chair won't be facing the podium as he gets up to speak."

ABC News on Campus reporter Michelle San Miguel contributed to this story.

ABCNews.com contributor Matt Markham is a member of the Syracuse University ABC News on Campus bureau.

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