The Conversation: Tax Day!

VIDEO: ABCs John Berman finds out why some people want to pay more taxes.

It is tax day, which means across the country people are rushing to get their filings done before tonight's deadline. Meanwhile the Tea Party is spending tax day gathering at protests across the country. The protests are geared at many issues, including their desire for smaller government and conservative economic reform.

In today's Conversation ABC's John Berman speaks with two women, both of whom believe they should be paying more in taxes. That's right, more. Marnie Thompson and Judy Pigott are both wealthy women who do donate personally, but believe it is the duty of those with higher incomes to help fund national services. Thompson and Pigott talk with Berman about what they would want their extra tax money to go to and why some people might think they are crazy.

Make sure you watch today's Conversation, after you file your taxes of course.

For more information about Marnie Thompson's group Responsible Wealth click here.

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