Video of Angry Parent Assaulting School Bus Driver

PHOTO: Parent Chesica White and her 12-year-old daughter board a school bus and drag the driver, Johnetta Anderson, off the bus and assault her.PlayABC News
WATCH School Bus Driver Attacked by Parent

The video of the frustrated parent attacking a school bus driver in Louisville, Ky., in March 2010, was released on Tuesday.

For the first time, we could see and hear what happened on that school bus.

Jefferson County public school bus drivers are responsible for 66,000 children who ride the bus to and from school each day. But what do those responsibilities entail?

One angry parent, Chesica White, thought the driver of bus no. 0243 failed in her duties because she didn't intervene when White's 7-year-old son was being bullied.

"Nothing was being done, and my son was being tormented for a whole year," said White.

So she took matters into her own hands -- literally.

In the video, White and her 12-year-old daughter board the bus and drag the struggling bus driver, Johnetta Anderson, by her ankles as the doors close behind her. Children are screaming, frightened by their bus driver's being pulled off the bus and hit on the head by the angry parent.

Young students on the bus flocked to the windows and watched in shock until a boy in a red shirt runs to pry the doors open to help Anderson.

Finally, Anderson stumbles back onto the bus, notifying dispatch that she needs help.

Anderson remains on leave due to injuries she suffered during the attack.

White says she and her daughter wanted to confront Anderson because her son was being bullied on the bus and Anderson did nothing to stop it.

However, Mike Mulheirn, a representative from Jefferson County public school transportation, says the drivers of that particular bus did all they could. According to Mulheirn, bullying is not tolerated in the classrooms or on the bus, but drivers cannot discipline students. What they can do is give verbal instruction to the children or notify the school.

According to Mulheirn, drivers of no. 0243 have filed numerous complaints about the students.

"When we have busses that have issues, we'll put cameras on them to give us an idea, we have monitors who will ride the busses as well," said Mulheirn.

These cameras captured video of the incident.

Chesica White entered an Alford plea, that is, she does not admit guilt but knows the evidence against her would be enough for a conviction. She is set to serve a year in prison.