New Duds for the Superhero With the Lasso of Truth

DC Comics has only once taken away those signature elements from Wonder Woman's look. In 1968, writers took away her powers. They saw Diana Prince, her alter ego, as a modern woman – a sort of superwoman with no powers, fighting crime with only her wits – and a hefty dose of martial arts. But fans and feminists revolted.

Gloria Steinem put a giant-sized Wonder Woman on the first cover of Ms. Magazine, proclaiming that DC Comics had "stripped the character of her power." DC Comics subsequently restored her powers – and her costume.

DC's Jim Lee says fans upset about the latest changes should try to put themselves in Wonder Woman's boots.

Meet Batman's Newest Babe

"If you or I were wearing the Wonder Woman costume, we'd be very aware we were wearing it, you know, essentially a swimsuit, fighting crime. So we created a costume that is essentially more functional, more protective," said Lee.

"Part of what we do is we have these heroes that are sort of modern mythology, but at the same time, you can't create them so they're so lofty, so different from how we look that you can't identify with them. I think part of the storyline is redefining Wonder Woman to be more like one of us."

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