2014 National Blueberry Pancake Day

World News Now celebrates National Blueberry Pancake Day!
3:00 | 01/29/14

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Transcript for 2014 National Blueberry Pancake Day
This morning we aren't doing a little early breakfast a blueberry pancakes of course this is our. Great story in a day -- -- blueberry -- that it. Just think today's the day and -- trying to -- as we are friends of Driscoll since a loss and they are squeezed out by this morning because -- with -- healthy and delicious berries in the even. I've been hooking us up. Sarah. Casey's here. Stephen -- this all learn the -- go ahead you can dig in and -- you you want him. Membership yet still blueberry and are just pretty awesome -- they are powerful anti -- They can also improve nighttime vision went quicker adjustment to darkness. I faster restoration a visual clarity you can see -- -- eating them -- Not -- on you know are not picking out you've written you're doing something very good for yourself pancakes. Get that have been and cookbooks and 1439. -- 1439 now I'm 39. Check this out -- long time ago before baking soda was invented -- -- freshly fallen snow. As the secret ingredients which contained ammonia. Yeah that's -- -- states that make pancakes come out nice and soft. But they invented baking -- little better than ammonia I don't bet thanks to the -- address -- the berries are so right and malicious and drizzle overnight fix it and you're done.

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{"id":22278601,"title":"2014 National Blueberry Pancake Day","duration":"3:00","description":"World News Now celebrates National Blueberry Pancake Day!","url":"/WNN/video/2014-national-blueberry-pancake-day-22278601","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}