Most of Americans are Snackers

A new study shows that 91% of people snack at least once per day.
2:56 | 07/24/14

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Transcript for Most of Americans are Snackers
And now it's time for the knicks but we talk about how hungry we -- on -- I. I know but there's a new study out talking about our snacking habits pretty astounding can you believe in 91%. Of Americans report. That they are snacking at least once per day -- 78 for percent of Americans report. Binge snacking can you believe that it was a study done by meals and two week study at a Monday that have more women occasionally being snapped. That men. And equipment preferred suites like chocolate candy your cookies I believe that and nearly a quarter women say that they -- three more times today oh yeah. And a lot of people do in front of TV simply doing it to. -- You have permission -- let him. OK I have one which is good -- for all you insomniacs out there there -- -- new -- out there that tells you. How to get better sleep doesn't have an interest in weightlessness of this there's a censor what does happen sits on your bedside table. It listens for a loud noise and monitors air and -- quality and then there's a sense of it puts on your -- That monitors movements through your head. And it tells you. What stops you from sleeping. And what's incredible about this so for example can tell you at 3 AM this noise did something else did. They put this out and kick starter in recent funding target in seven -- -- -- and that's how much they're meant to -- and I guess we should we vote in recent years you can borrow one night apart yet -- -- -- be wonderful of course I would say one night minutes ago. -- just elaborate proposal for your wife when I did -- And he acted in Los Angeles in this beautiful Villa looked like -- level how nice she liked it so much she couldn't believe -- she -- the ring out of my hand it well lost that we'll get back. There's a man on YouTube -- -- you. Our proposal of almost. It's a princess proposed Levy -- -- out. She wears this incredible down greeted by friends in the lobby and then he escorted down the island she from a -- There are performing onstage to music a Cinderella while Taylor waited on stage set and came out singing down the -- -- proposed to her. Apple Cinderella moment -- I love it he violated the first rule of guide -- -- never give it all way early in the relationship. Bought -- a million dollar -- man you can probably writes what's that first anniversary going to be like you're right -- of the death. And really made me. Oh my gosh okay -- more for yet let's talk about hotels and parasitic ever go five hotels are saying that day we'll let -- Pay what you want. Guests are allowed to pay what they want they don't think people abuse that they think they're confident that clients we'll do the right thing and -- for the health service and everything else.

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{"id":24690650,"title":"Most of Americans are Snackers","duration":"2:56","description":"A new study shows that 91% of people snack at least once per day.","url":"/WNN/video/americans-snackers-24690650","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}