Baseball's Biggest Stars Face Long Suspensions

Jason Page talks about the dozen players facing suspensions for alleged use of PEDs.
3:30 | 08/02/13

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Transcript for Baseball's Biggest Stars Face Long Suspensions
The shoe about to drop in Major League Baseball more than a dozen players face long suspensions for their ties to a Florida anti aging clinic. Topping the list the highest paid player ever joining us talk about it all Sports Radio host Jason -- Jason welcome. Take us through the big names on this list. Well let's start with Alex rider in Alex Rodriguez obviously is the biggest -- -- -- and that's the one Major League Baseball wants to going to and it's almost as if they -- -- punish him. Retroactively wheel gets more of that second Nelson Cruz but the Texas Rangers that's a big one as well. Jhonny Peralta Detroit tigers' Johnny Carlton is a great job that's another name. You have to look out for that can impact that team. And then Everest Cabrera. Another good up and coming -- L all star caliber player. There's another got -- can be on this list now -- several others that are on the list but what people need to remembers. These are the big names that could impact pennant races right now right well let's talk about how many game suspensions -- talked about what are you hearing. It could be basically the remainder of the regular season and that's why they wanna get these done because if any of these teams -- -- make the playoffs -- Major League Baseball wants these guys to be eligible. To come back for the post season -- should say maybe the team is want them to be able to come back. And playing in the post season so it's important that they try to get these suspensions handed down Ryan brawn was essentially round 65 games from under the regular season. Post season and whatnot but Nelson Cruz. Is a -- that they want to be able to get back -- Travolta's guide baby wanna be able to get back her never Cabrera tied. Talk about the teams that are going to be hurt the most by this near an. Look the Rangers right now if if Texas were to lose -- -- that is a big blow to a team that's already struggle offensively since losing Josh Hamilton free agency. The Yankees. Any third baseman right now for the Yankees are even Alex Rodriguez and brightest deteriorated stage of his career -- -- would be better than anything they've put at third base. Throughout this entire season so the Yankees. Would love to be able to get a rod -- as much as they say they don't want him back and they don't want the headache they don't want the distraction. And money the money -- and let's keep that money -- just -- -- you're talking about a hundred million dollars they have a hundred million reasons why they would love Major League Baseball. -- to do this a lifetime ban -- not all that likely. All right what are we talking about now in terms of the -- at the announcement could come Friday. It could come as late as Monday I don't think they -- a week till much later than Monday as some people are speculating. If it comes down after Monday then you're talking fifty -- it could run into the post season that would be an issue for Major League Baseball. In the case of Alex Rodriguez and part of the reason this hasn't been announced yet as they'd like to when council the suspensions -- once they're trying to reach a settlement deal with the A-Rod. The sides are way far apart from what I hear right now in terms of getting any sort of settlement -- -- people continue to maintain they will fight this. Tooth and nail through arbitration. Do you think that the Yankees actually would like to see this go away -- -- mean you talk about -- needing a third baseman this season would it would it would it would be taken back to us just on the whole but that's it and then the on the -- all those other seasons the money they could be he could be back with them is early is early next week right now if these suspensions don't get handed down the question is if they suspend him. Is he going to be allowed to play through an appeal right that's one of the -- right now is willing -- ideological one other quick thing on this. If Alex Rodriguez. Or any of these other guys are suspended there is talk and talk to somebody close to Major League Baseball -- he told me. There's a chance they may extend the trade deadline. Could some of these teams that get impacted by this yes might still -- need to be able to make moves. That's a possibility as well so much riding on this.

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{"id":19848374,"title":"Baseball's Biggest Stars Face Long Suspensions","duration":"3:30","description":"Jason Page talks about the dozen players facing suspensions for alleged use of PEDs.","url":"/WNN/video/baseballs-biggest-stars-face-long-suspensions-19848374","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}