Basketball Group Date on 'The Bachelorette'

The guys battle it out on the court as Andi's quest for romance continues.
8:00 | 06/03/14

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Transcript for Basketball Group Date on 'The Bachelorette'
Diana was giving before we get -- -- news from Hollywood we have a little news of our own on the set. Congratulations in order Lindsey you've got engaged I. Day. -- -- crazy kids. Is there isn't this Texas -- Before and that hard right radio we have the embedding banding together all right on hand have got a beautiful -- of the very well I have to admit but I heard about I didn't know -- little bit to do it but I -- look I gave him little -- -- -- -- got time. Like that but yeah for now we're very high on the. -- the night -- I know you totally like -- I once Sam celebrate. I'm telling -- he was little unexpected at that moment I -- saluting those coming in general but you know. Welcome gradually. He's very examines you and you're not. Let's move on to me -- -- the bachelorette we -- -- double shot this week and we're gonna make good on that. Once again arriving here to talk about it is our world news that senior bachelorette analyst George -- congratulation. You go to a club patrons. This what we central time you know it's an emotional -- such and such as this actually was an emotional episode. Thirteen guys started at one of them Dylan. Had the first gate he and -- there on a steam train our personal there in Connecticut -- -- the a bachelorette is -- east. Dillon explains his. Family life that had a good conversation. Dylan gets the rose. Big group date. Took place at the Mohegan Sun. Basketball arena there the guys. Taking on each other got a little competitive stuff like that the red team one of the white team -- -- Back to the apartment I should say Brian gets the group date rose to a two these. Second one on one -- repelling. With our man Marcus who the analyst. Called. As being the guy who wins. He and ND. Repelling down the side of the casino. Marcus needless to say gets the -- and then. The real emotional the whole episode started a conversation between Eric and Andy. We're basically they both agreed that this wasn't gonna work out eventually it Eric leaves and as we've mentioned here before. There's a gentleman who has since passed away. The last segment of the episode ended talked about Eric's -- -- have listened to that. Still you know it's still tough it's still shocking it still. Puts a lot of things in perspective it's crazy to think -- He can meet their main town hall and its -- there's so much more beyond that and and then -- will forget. Then so there you have it like a said it was is an emotional episode there was no rose ceremonies just bookkeeping stuff -- eliminated. Two weeks from now is the next episode and I got -- -- -- -- -- data and thank you thank you Jack. Sweat from an emotional sounds of -- thing. -- -- news now from a galaxy. -- faraway Star Wars is shaping up to be a star studded event now that Oscar winner looking and young go assigned down yet and have made the announcement yesterday tweeting a picture. Of the Star Wars logo the Hollywood reporter says -- and actually met with director JJ Abrams before she won an Oscar. That is cool all right also joining the cast game of their -- star Gwendolyn Christi she's also part of the cast of Hunger Games. Mocking Jay part two star horses star studded original stars of course Harrison Ford Mark Hamill Carrie Fisher they will return. The film is set to be released December 18. 2050. And that Ukrainian TV reporter accused of costing Brad Pitt says he never meant -- him in anyway. Instead the now fired journalist says he was merely trying to give Pitt a hug and then lost his balance they says he's actually doing a service -- by exposing. LA at lax security. On the red carpet. -- I'm normal guy from what's crazy I do this -- point detainment but we can make -- story out one simple. In -- or at -- in -- and -- industry and night. Mind you this is the same guy who tried crawling up the -- the actress America Ferreira on another red carpet -- -- that can last month. Yeah and -- spending the next few months of filling his community service obligation for the Brad an -- -- do you remember when he I'm tried like this move John Will Smith. Who Will Smith was kind of like real close to go relax dude you know and he's not happy and he's done this thing where he -- -- his headlights in the drawing -- -- -- -- around the waist. Ten to zero little hope partisan -- to Leonardo DiCaprio. And he's you know he's trying to get attention he's getting back is getting a lot of time I think that like it's quite catch up with what -- had made some very serious and very fair. Points if people are not gonna wait up. You know all I long for autographs as if they think that stars are gonna come when it comes plus. Absolutely got to do your part is sort of comes with the territory that you don't need guys like this -- is over for the winningest woman in the history of jeopardy. -- -- Collins lost in the show that aired last night after twenty victories and 428000. Dollars. That puts her in second place for the most consecutive wins behind all time in jeopardy champ Ken Jennings the 31 year old management consultant says she hopes -- winning streak helps dispel the idea that women. Aren't as good at jeopardy -- men. Nick Collins said she couldn't love being on the show anymore she's already -- Porter winnings from month long dream trip. To Paris -- almost half a hundred dollars in winnings at a school that -- -- Oliver Stone making a new film about an -- -- Edwards no no man he has called a hero stone will write and direct the movie -- adaptation of the snow didn't -- the inside story of the world's most wanted man he's gonna work with the guardian reporter who wrote the book based on disclosures provided by -- stone is calling it quote one of the greatest stories of our time he's expected to start filming before the end of the year another movie about Snowden. Is also in the works. Look at -- the end of an error of the legendary Allman Brothers band and announce their final performance at least for this -- They've announced that their last live shows we'll take place in October right here in New York City. So many believe this could -- and at their 45 year run some bad members say don't count. -- -- -- -- -- on the beacon theater here in New York -- few years back and they still sound. Great -- played great rhythms like I'm gonna get a chance of my area and -- -- I tell you what I mentioned sooner or later they pop back out on the road is in their blood. Meaning -- came -- at a time again. Are good news -- Miley Cyrus or stolen Mazda rotting it's been them. Fueled the bridge yesterday that Miley -- -- burglarized -- the weekend her car and some jewelry who has taken no word and jewelry but that 2014 mother Roddy. -- -- -- Watch -- court today trying to was discovered parked on the street. Police are dusting for prints and looking at surveillance tapes to try to find the thief that car by the -- it runs about a 102. Olson now -- car. -- and some celebrity -- Tennis player Rafael Nadal turning 28. Our friend and former world news now anchor Anderson Cooper 47 today all right Australian singer -- -- -- was 48. Happy birthday you know Anderson Cooper one of the land the anchors of the -- -- -- -- -- a lot of people have gone to do some very successful thanks I know you're very near right now. In rich bio terror we didn't -- it. We can dream -- -- This is CBC's world. Informing insomnia its.

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{"id":23969918,"title":"Basketball Group Date on 'The Bachelorette'","duration":"8:00","description":"The guys battle it out on the court as Andi's quest for romance continues.","url":"/WNN/video/basketball-group-date-bachelorette-23969918","section":"WNN","mediaType":"default"}